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Female Biology Studies

After covering the basics of human biology for several weeks—as was needed in a 101 class—Polina Sidorov decided it was time to motivate her class with one of her trademark demonstrations. Since the general topic they were on was about the Human Female Body and the things that make it unique, she thought she could use herself as a physical example during classes.

After introducing the subject to the class, Professor Sidorov started things off with what she called the easily recognizable aspect of the female form, at least physically if not biologically. What she was talking about was the breasts, of course. As if to punctuate this point, she undid the buttons on her jacket and let it swing open, exposing her own bare breasts to the class, since she wasn't wearing a shirt under it.

Now, it wasn't unusual for her to only wear a jacket to class—as she generally alternated between that and just a nice blouse—but this was the first time her class had actually seen her open it and show what she didn't have on under it. Nobody made a sound as this happened, both surprised by the casual nature in which she did it and amazed by the beauty of her fantastic knockers.

She started to do her demonstration, talking about the biology of the breasts, both inside and out. She started out talking about the importance of the breasts in nursing, making them all but a necessity for rearing children. She talked about how they are actually layers of different materials that make up their shape and how parts of these will grow during childbirth to make room for the needed milk they will produce.

During this whole talk the kids in the class seemed almost mesmerized by her, not wanting to take their eyes off her or miss a moment of the demonstration. Both the boys and girls in the class seemed equally interested in how things were progressing.

After talking about the internal workings of the breasts for several minutes, including the way they handle blood-flow and can suffer problems from things like cancer, she finally started to move onto the external parts of the breasts. The things people can see more easily when they look at her, or any woman for that matter.

As she started to talk about the nipples a hand went up, surprising her for a moment. She was not used to having people interrupt one of her demonstrations, but it didn't actually bother her. She liked it, in fact. It meant that her class was paying attention and was inquisitive about the subject. So she called on the boy to hear his question.

"While I appreciate the demonstration," He said, "Your jacket keeps swinging as you move and blocking the areas you are talking about. Especially for those of us on this side of the room."

Polina thought about it for a moment and quickly realized they were right. Not all of her class was right in front of her, so the people on the sides were going to miss out on some of what she was trying to teach of she didn't give them an equal chance to take part of the demonstration. She quickly slid her jacket completely off and made sire to stand in a position that more of the class would be able to see what she was covering.

"Can you see better now?" She asked, and the whole class nodded in agreement, but her question was mostly aimed at the boy who asked her the question in the first place.

"Yes Professor Sidorov." She said with a smile. "Thank you."

"You are most welcome." She said, smiling back. "I wouldn't want any of you to miss out on this demonstration."

Pleased that things were back on track, Polina started to talk about the physical and surface aspects of the breasts. She even moved around to make sure everyone in the class was able to clearly see her own, as part of the demonstration. She explained how the entire breast was lined with sensitive nerve endings, so that even the lightest touch could cause stimulation, but the highest concentration of these were in the nipples.

A brunet girl in the front row then raised her hand, taking the hint from the boy earlier that these kinds of interruptions wouldn't be frowned upon.

Professor Sidorov called on her and the girl said, "If the breasts are supposed to be biologically designed for nursing, why are they so full of nerve endings that cause pleasure?"

"That's a very good question." Polina smiled at the girl and casually poked at one of her own nipples as she replied. "There are many theories as to why that's the case, but the most accepted is that the body wants to encourage nursing, so they make the sensation pleasurable. It also serves as a stimulant for the continued production of milk, so the pleasurable aspect might also just be a side effect of those signals being sent to the brain as well."

She then went on to demonstrate and show how the sensations of touching the breasts, especially the nipples, have the added affect of causing them to grow erect. She soon, however, stops talking about this line of information, as she says it falls more into the course of Human Sexuality than Biology if she went any further in talking about it.

The class half expected her to put her shirt back on as she moved to talk about a new aspect of Human Female Biology, but they were in for a pleasant surprise.

The next subject she talked about was the necessity of wider hips and an altered pelvic bone structure in females, both of which existed for the sole purpose of childbirth. As she talked about these parts she unzipped the side of her skirt and let it slowly side down to reveal what she was talking about. First one hip and then everything, as the skirt fell to the floor.

She stepped out of the skirt and picked it up, setting down on her chair with her jacket. For all intents and purposes she was now completely naked in front of her class. Although she was pointing to and talking about her hips and going on about the way the bones inside were designed to move and separate to allow birth, most of the class was simply in awe of the whole package she was showing.

For the first time, they were able to see the way she trimmed her pubes into a nice landing strip and what her bare ass looked like when it wasn't covered by a tight skirt. Many of them had fantasized about these things previously, but now they were all out for them to clearly see, and from many angles the naked teacher moved around.

Polina Sidorov, on the other hand, kept to her script and talked about what the class was supposed to be covering, unaware of where her student's interest and attention was focused. She simply talked about the hips, and somewhat about the legs, although she said that part was the same as with men and would be covered more when they talk about shared biology between the sexes.

As she moved on to the next part of her talk the feeling in the class was palpable, as they knew she was going to be moving onto something far more interesting than her hip, and they fully expected to see more in the process.

Turning her back on the class, Polina started to talk about how the female behind is usually more padded and rounded than the male equivalent. As she spoke on the subject, not looking back at her class, she pointed out her own fantastic behind and named the various parts as she went.

She also talked about the specific muscle structures under the surface and what purposes they have. Once again she pointed out that most of these are the same with males, only they server some extra uses with females and look differently mostly because of the way female hormones effect their growth. This usually lead to them being more rounded and often larger than their male counterparts.

Most of the class didn't seem to care at all what she was talking about, simply enjoying the clear view of her amazing ass. Several of them also noticed that they could clearly see the lips of her pussy below the finely toned behind, peeking out between her thighs. This sight was more than enough to send many of them over the edge.

Some of the students even surreptitiously reached down and started to play with themselves while they watched the naked teacher with her back to them. They seemed to think that it was relatively safe to do, since she wasn't looking at them at the moment. This was especially easy for the girls, since most of them had on short skirts without panties on anyway, but even several of the guys happily slid a hand down their own pants to massage their throbbing cocks.

Even when Polina Sidorov turned back around to move onto the next subject, several of the students didn't stop playing with themselves, just hoping they were keeping it hidden enough that she wouldn't notice.

Now that she had covered every other female specific part of the human body, she finally moved on to talk about the most important, biologically speaking, difference. Stepping forward and walking around the class, so they could all get a good view, she started to talk about the vagina and birth canal.

Although she didn't spread her legs and use a speculum in this beginner class, she still allowed every student to get a nice close view of the opening and pubic hair covering she had on her pussy. One by one she stopped in front of every desk and let them have a close view as she continued to talk about the biological processes involved in this region of the female body.

After making her circuit of the whole room, she finished up her presentation back at the front and thanked them all for being so good and attentive. To everyone's surprise, even though she was done with the presentation, she didn't head for her clothing or even try to cover up. She simply finished up the class, told them what to do for homework, and gave them the heads up on what was going to follow the next class.

"As we covered Female Human Biology basics today." She said, taking a seat on her desk. "Next time I am going to do the same thing with Make Human Biology basics. Since I am not a male, I can't do the same thing I did today for that, but I have gotten a special guest to agree to come in and let me use as a demonstration model."

The girls in the class were already worked up from today's demonstration, so none of them thought they could get more excited, but this news did it. Not only was she still naked up until the bell rang, but the girls thought they would most likely get to see a naked man tomorrow. This was the best class any of them ever took.

Some of the guys just hoped they would be able to ask some leading questions about the differences tomorrow, asking Professor Sidorov to show them the differences in person.
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