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Cracked Student Spotlight Archive

Penny Hammond – Classical Dance Major (Outtakes)

When the photo session was about to start, Penny actually wanted to stretch out a bit and this firt image was captured during that. I think she looks so damn cute in this pose. As was mentioned before, she chose the outfit herself as her favorite for practicing in. She can also often be seen walking around campus wearing it.

The interviewer's note also recorded that the photographer sweet talked her into removing her top during the session, saying something about how the white of the top was washing out the light in the camera or some such thing. He then captures this second shot during the process of removing the top. Not that great of a shot, but you know how I am about exposing the whole truth and not just the pretty moments. This was... 'found'... on his drive with the collction of photos from this shoot, so I am including it.

Before removing the top it happened to slide up a bit without her noticing and our wonderful camera man captured a few great shots of that. He just kept her moving around and posing in hopes she wouldn't notice. She eventually did and pulled it back down, but that was when she was finally convinced to remove it completely.

After the removal of the top he had her pos in several other positions, most of which were dance related. She seemed to have a good time with this part, but never smiles so it's hard to tell. Plus, she wouldn't do much toe work since the photographer didn't want her shoes in the puctures.

This second one was her contemplating removing the skirt when asked, and he captured this shot in hopes of seeing up it as she played with the hem. Unfortunately it wasn't enough to actually see anything and she refused to remove the skirt for these photos. Although you can see what's under it if you go down to the clubs she works at or during one of her larger performances, which almost always seem to include nude scenes.

At the end of the shoot he wanted a few simply posed shots in the nice light by the window, which she was happy enough to do, these two are the outtakes from those shots that he didn't go with. I think he chose the one he did because the light could be seen through the skirt, showing her leg shapes, and neither of these are like that.

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