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Professor Jenkins' Story

Early in her freshman year, Sarah Compton was slightly overwhelmed by everything she saw and experienced at the university. The place was huge and had strange customs and rules, which she had already fallen prey to on a couple occasions. She felt insignificant and often singled out by the inspectors, but another girl in her dorm, a sophomore, regularly told her that everyone gets inspected from time to time and she shouldn't feel singled out. She didn't really believe this to be true, at least until this day in Professor Jenkins' class.

All the students had already arrived for Chemistry but Professor Jenkins was nowhere to be seen when the bell rang. Class had officially started and her assistant did her best to keep the kids in line, making them read some pages and do some calculation while they waited.

About ten minutes into the lesson Sarah heard the door crash open and a disheveled looking Professor Jenkins rushed into the room, looking flustered.

Her assistant opened her mouth to ask her something when there was another bang at the door.

Sarah turned to look and saw one of the inspectors rush into the room, looking quite upset. "You are supposed to stop when ordered to miss. You are to be inspected."

Professor Jenkins dropped her briefcase and looked angrily at the man. "You sir, are in my classroom. You have no power in here, to do inspections or demand anything. I am the rule maker in here and you are not even allowed to be in here."

This didn't even phase him. "And you are supposed to stop and be inspected when called for. I am within my power to chase down anyone trying to avoid an inspection and give them a citation on the spot, no matter where they go, even restricted sections. Racing to your room doesn't make you safe. This isn't a game of tag."

Sarah couldn't believe that this was going on right in front of her. Her own teacher was being told off for code violations.

"Fine." Professor Jenkins said with frustration in her voice. "Let's go into my office and get this over with."

"No." Said the inspector in a demanding voice. "I caught up with you right here and you are going to be inspected right here. In front of your whole class. Assume the position."

Sarah watched as Professor Jenkins let out a large sigh and stood upright with her hands at her sides, but facing away from the class. The inspector picked up her briefcase and opened it to make sure she didn't hide any extra clothing in there. He then walked around her slowly looked at every inch of her, making notes on his pad.

He stepped away from her, between two of the rows in the class and right next to Sarah, and said, "Please turn and face me. I don't perform inspections from the rear."

Professor Jenkins grumbled and turned around. "What violation am I being inspected for?"

"Well," said the inspector, "first off, you are wearing a jacket inside and that is a clear observable violation, so I will have to confiscate that. Then there is the question of if you have any other layering violations, so I will have to perform a full inspection for that."

"You have got to be kidding?" She said, getting more frustrated. "It's cold out and coats are allowed. I was running late and rushed into my class. I don't see what the violation is?"

"Yes, coats are allowed outside, but you have walked through the whole building to get to your class still wearing it. You didn't remove it at the doors, as is the rule. So I will be confiscating it and continuing with the inspection."

She pulled the coat off and tossed it to him. He smiled and said, "Thank you," as he puts it in an evidence bag, making a further note on his pad. "Now I need to check for shorts or other layering violations."

Sarah quickly turned to look at her teacher, who quickly lifted her skirt to clearly show her shaved little pussy and no violation, but the inspector seemed confused and unconvinced. Sarah was shocked to see that Professor Jenkins was tan all over and almost completely devoid of any tan lines down there.

"You'll have to take it off." Said the inspector with a cruel smile. "I can't clearly see with it on and I want to inspect the article myself."

She dropped the skirt front and started to unzip the side, so that it would fall to the floor. The whole class could now see her shaved snatch and Sarah loved the nice shape of her hips. She also noticed that the shirt Mrs. Jenkins had on was cropped short enough to not even come close to covering her pussy and risk a layering violation there either.

The inspector took the skirt and examined it carefully, taking his time, as Professor Jenkins just stood there exposed to her whole class.

He then placed the skirt into a baggie and made more notes in his notebook. Without even looking up at her he said, "I'll now need you to open your shirt so I can have a complete check for layering violations."

She glared at him and said, "I think you have seen enough and I would like my skirt back."

"Sorry, but that's evidence." He said, looking back up at her. "And since you are refusing to open your shirt I will have someone else do it for you."

On that he grabbed Sarah by the arm and pulled her to her feet. "Miss, will you please assist me and remove your teacher's shirt?"

Sarah looked up at Professor Jenkins with fear in her eyes. She was not sure what to do. She could get in trouble with another inspector if she refused and with her teacher if she did it. She was caught between a rock and hard place.

Mrs. Jenkins looked at her with what seemed to Sarah to be pity. "Just do it Miss Compton. You don't need to get yourself in trouble with them too."

Sarah started to walk up to her when the inspector grabbed Sarah by the arm again, spinning her around to face him. He handed her a pair of small scissors and said, "Please use these and make sure to remove all the buttons."

Sarah did as she was told and carefully started to cut every button off her teacher's shirt, starting at the top. First some large cleavage was exposed and then the shirt hung open down the center, with the tie falling between the two flaps. She looked back over her shoulder and the inspector gestured for her to continue. Sarah pulled the sides aside and exposed Mrs. Jenkins' huge breasts, which were also just as lovely ad tan as the rest of her.

Sarah was allowed to sit back down and the inspector looked Mrs. Jenkins up and down carefully again before making more notes in his notebook. "Everything else seems to be in order. I will be on my way now. Here is your copy of the slip and you should call to arrange your hearing soon."

On that he turned and left, still carrying her coat and skirt in his evidence bags.

Mrs. Jenkins was flustered and stood before her class completely exposed a moment more before regaining her composure and attempting to close you shirt, which still hung open down the middle. She tried to complete the rest of her class as normal, but seems constantly distracted by her own nudity. Eventually she simply took her tie off and wrapped it around herself to hold her shirt shut, at least covering her tits.

Sarah didn't care though. She thought her best part was her ass and that was exposed clear as day the whole time she was writing things on the board. She was also relieved to see that even professors weren't immune to the inspectors, which has really helped her to feel less out of place and excluded from life on campus.
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