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Outside Locations of the Central University of New Town Campus

There are several parks and outdoor recreation areas available to faculty and students alike. These are but the largest and most well known.

Central Walk (The Commons)
Called The Commons by most, the Central Walk is the pretty green face on the surface of the campus. It used to be the center of the old campus, which is why the oldest buildings surround it. The lawns are kept well maintained and the trees trimmed. Most visitors to the campus see this area first.

Terrence Square
This large paved courtyard is a central location for most of the dining and shops on campus. The large fountain and statues serve to make this place a pleasant experience for all students and faculty alike.

The Quad
This small grassy park sits between several of the smaller instructional buildings. The grass is less maintained than in the Commons, but more freedom to play and rest are allowed here.

Forest Park
Half covered with trees and bushes, this more wild of campus park is a favorite get-away from the stresses of classes and homework on the warm spring and autumn days.

Olympus Park
Although maintained by the Greek Houses and home to some artwork and a small crated pond, this park is open to all students to come and relax.

Lake Laramont
This is the large lake that lies adjacent to the campus and houses both a public park and the Lakeside Complex of the university. The lake is public property, but seems to be mostly used by student for recreations and sports.

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