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Outdoor Locations of New Town

Not everything to do in town is a building or business. These are the open area parks and places of interest.

Albertson Central Park (1601 Pine Ridge Ave.)
Located downtown, this one block wide park breaks up the corporate center and gives the local businessmen somewhere nice to go on their lunch breaks.

Big & Bouncy Amusement Rides (616 East Hemmingford Rd.)
B&B is a full-featured year-round amusement park, completely with all sorts of fun carnival rides, a wide assortment of games, special daily shows, and a huge outdoor food court. B&B is directly connected to Wet & Slippery Water Rides. All are welcome and the value is great if you pay for both parks in the summer. Prepaid group discounts available.

Lake Laramont State Park (936 Broadway Ave.)
On the south-west shore of Lake Laramont, near the university, there is a large public park, complete with bike trails, beaches, boat docks, and more.

Lakefront Community Park (231 Lakeside Drive)
On the north-west shore of Lake Laramont, and including the Lakefront Community Nature Reserve, is found this beautiful rustic woodland park. Read more about in the Community Spotlight Story.

Lake Laramont City Boat Launch (814 9th St.)
Adjacent to Lake Laramont State Park is the city's own public boat launch, connected to the main parking lot near Central U. This is the only public location you can launch a boat on the lake, although there are several private ones.

Wet & Slippery Water Rides (602 East Hemmingford Rd.)
This large summer fun water park is open from about mid-May until mid-September, giving the locals a large assortment of specialized water themed slides, rides, and pools of various kinds. W&W is directly connected to Big & Bouncy Amusement Rides. All are welcome and the value is great if you pay for both parks. Prepaid group discounts available.
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