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Private Counseling

Erin Simpson has been on campus for two years and although she has loved a lot of her classes, she has been otherwise miserable. She has made relatively few friends and not even had one boyfriend, much less any kind of sexual relationship. Her shyness was a horrible catch-22 of being so ashamed of her lack of experience that it made her too shy to try and talk to people to get more experience. She simply spent most of her time in her dorm room working on her homework.

It was only going to get worse as her next years classes were going to have her leading classes as an assistant teacher, which would require her to interact in situations where she wouldn't be comfortable. She chose to go into teaching because she loves kids and wants to help them, but she figured her problem would have solved itself by this time in her schooling. Unfortunately she was starting to give up any hope.

That was when she found out her favorite teacher, Professor Olivia Mercer, was also working as a counselor on campus. She figured if she had any shot of correcting this issue it would be Mrs. Mercer that would do it. Or, Olivia, as she told to call her during the sessions.

At first the sessions were simply her recounting her own problems and events that exemplified it, but soon enough Olivia was suggesting they took the sessions to the next level and worked on the core of the issue. She needed to clear up that self doubt related to her lack of social and other experience. Erin panicked at first, worried she would have to go out in public and perform social acts as part of this, but Olivia calmed her down saying they could do the first few session in her room.

On the first day of these sessions Erin came to Olivia's class room, instead of the counseling office, as she said they would need the room. She walked in and Olivia welcomed her, asking her take a seat. She then called in her husband, Mark Mercer the music teacher, to take a seat opposite her.

Erin was a little worried and embarrassed being surprised by this man being here, but assumed it must be for some comfort exercise or something. He seemed nice enough and just sat there as Olivia did all the talking.

"Today we are going to work on your experience level." She said with a little smile. "Mark is going to be a safe stand–in for these. If at any time you don't feel comfortable with something, simply say stop and we both will. This is all about building up your comfort and experience. You understand? Are you okay with this?"

Erin was still not sure, but she trusted Olivia, so she said, "Yes. What's first?"

"First I want you to introduce yourself to Mark here."

Erin put her hand out and Mark shook it. With a slight frog in her voice she said, "Hi there Mark, my name is Erin. It's nice to meet you."

"It's nice to meet you too." His voice was deeper than she expected.

"Next I want you to give Mark a hug." Olivia sat back on her desk and let them do the work.

Erin got up and stood next to Mark. Cautiously she reached around him and gave him a quick hug, before stepping back.

Olivia gave her a disappointed look. "You can do better than that. He didn't even get a chance to return the hug."

Erin stepped forward again and this time gave him a longer hug, which he retuned by wrapping his strong arms around her. She liked the way it felt. He actually made her feel safe and comfortable after only a couple moments. She was starting to think that she could do this after all.

"Very good" Said Olivia when Erin finally let go and stepped back. "I think we should move onto something you have already told me you haven't done before. Something you are shy about trying, but this will be a completely safe environment to try it."

Erin started to worry again about what this could be. She talked about a lot of things she had never done, but none that she would think Olivia would let her do with her husband. Especially not during a school counseling session.

"Mark, will you please undo your pants and pull it out?" Olivia said calmly as Erin looked shocked. "And Erin, would you mind kneeling down and licking his penis? He will guide you once you get a feel for it."

Erin looked on in shock as Mark did just that and pulled his cock out of his pants. Erin was shocked to see one in person finally. It was much spongier looking that she thought it would look, although it was standing up hard. Cautiously she reached down and touched it. It was hot to her touch and felt strangely soft. She noticed that it twitched under her fingers touch and he simply sat back on the desk and let her play.

"Go ahead," Olivia softly told her, "kneel down and lick it."

Erin did just that, kneeling before her teacher's husband and slowly moved in to kiss the head of the now throbbing member. She liked it. It felt natural on her lips and it pleased her to lick around the mushroom shape. Soon she was licking it up and down the shaft, and thoroughly enjoying it.

"When you are ready," He said comfortingly, "take it into your mouth and suck slightly in and out, kind of like you've seen milking cows do."

She didn't have to be asked twice on this one. She wrapped her lips around it and started sucking softly on the shaft. Within moments she was going down farther and sucking harder on it, which seemed to please Mark a great deal. He was moaning slightly and concentrating hard, which Erin assumed was to keep some control over himself.

"He is about to cum." Olivia said. "You either better stop or prepare to have you filled quickly."

Erin didn't stop, liking it too much, and soon had a mouth full of goo. It tasted like nothing she had ever tasted before, but good. She wanted more, but it seemed to stop giving up its seed.

"That's enough for now." Olivia said with a smile. "It's time we moved on to your next test. Mark remove the rest of your things and prepare, while I ready Erin."

"Ready me?" Erin says with a worried look, while Mark has already started slip off his pants in the background.

"Yes, for this next part we need to get undressed." Olivia says while Mark starts to unbutton his shirt and let it fall to the ground with his pants.

""WE?" Gasps Erin as the now naked Mark picks up his clothing and places them on a nearby desk.

"That's right. Now please slip off your clothes so we can move onto the next part." Says Olivia as Mark takes a seat and watches the rest of the proceedings.

Erin obliges and quickly slips off her skirt and shirt, rending herself completely nude and standing before her teacher and her husband. She is rather self-conscious and tries to cover herself, but Olivia waves her to sit on the desk. She does, but with her legs crossed and still covering as much as she can.

Olivia shakes her head and starts remove her own clothing, first dropping her skirt, which shows off her lovely garter belt and well-trimmed pussy, and then her shirt, showing that she was wearing a push-up bra underneath.

"Isn't that against the dress code?" Erin says, pointing at the bra. "Aren't you afraid of being inspected and having it found?"

Olivia smiles. "Yes, it is against the code, but I don't mind being inspected. I rather enjoy it, actually. I have a little fun with the inspectors and they get to feel like they are doing their job."

"You get yourself inspected for fun?"

"Sometimes, now please lay back and spread your legs."

Erin forgets all about the bra and cautiously spreads her legs, laying back. Her pussy lies open and puffy and Olivia bends forward to touch it. As soon as her fingers touch the soft flesh Erin feels another wave of pleasure she has never experienced before. The touch of someone else's hands on her most private areas is nothing like her own hands.

"Oh god!" Erin gasps.

"Yes, very." Olivia coos. "Just wait until I move in to lick it."

"Oh yes, please."

"All in good time. Meanwhile, observe." Olivia then turns back to look at Mark, still fingering her student's wet snatch. "Honey, would you do the honors?"

Mark quickly got up and stood behind his wife, sliding his once again hard cock deep into her wet pussy. Erin was amazed to see it happening right in front of her, but excited at the same time.

Olivia then moves in and starts to lick the wet pussy of her spread eagle student before her. Erin is amazed at how good it feels and lets out a number of loud moans and groans. It was beyond her wildest dreams and it was completely true. She was not only being sexually active, but being part of the three-way.

"This is amazing." Erin manages to moan out.

Olivia looks up from her pussy and smiles. "Just wait, this is only getting you ready for the final part of your session today."

"There's more? I already feel like I'm gonna explode."

"Oh yes, there is more, and you will most likely explode. Hopefully more than once."

On that Erin collapses back onto the desk and lets her teacher go back to licking her pulsing pussy until the waves of pleasure waft over her again and she juices all over Olivia's face.

"Perfect." Olivia says, standing up and moving around the desk. "She's ready."

Oliva slips onto the desk behind the limp Erin and pulls her up to a half sitting position. Holding her still she says "Just keep your legs spread like that and let Mark do his thing."

Erin looks down and sees Mark move in between her legs and position his hard cock just outside her own wet snatch. She can't believe she is about to have full on penetration sex, with something other than a rubber toy. That she's rather used to by now.

He drives his prick into her and she tenses slightly, but soon relaxes as it slides smoothly into her. She can't believe how different it feels when it's not lifeless and rubber. The real thing seems so much more natural and have give the toys never had. She can't help but groan with pleasure as he starts to slowly thrust.

Olivia reaches around her and starts to caress and pinch her breasts, while Erin's head lies back against hers.

Mark grabs Erin's leg and pulls it up over his own as he raises it onto the desk to get more leverage. Soon he is thrusting harder and faster into her and every movement sends more shivers down her spine. She begins to understand what Mrs. Mercer meant about explosions, as her brain reels with several of them at once.

Soon enough she is coming hard and unable to even hold her own head up any more, as Olivia has to wedge it between her breasts to keep it facing her husband. He keeps going, apparently having amazing stamina, and Erin can totally understand why Olivia married him.

After several more minutes he finally cums and moves off the desk, sitting back on another one to rest. Olivia slides out from behind Erin and leaves her lying spent on the desk.

Erin's brain doesn't seem to notice more than this as a thousand other ideas and thoughts bounce around inside it. Whole vistas seem to be opening and the idea of being afraid of this happening no longer seems all that frightening. In fact she wants this to happen again.

After what seems like hours, although it was more likely just minutes, Olivia's voice comes into focus again. "You did well. You stopped worrying aobut what was going to happen and just let it happen. So, what did you think about you first real experience? Not so frightening any more, is it?"

Erin slowly sits up and looks at the two of them. "It was... wow. Yeah. Not frightening at all. That was amazing."

Olivia smiles. "Glad to hear it."

"Yeah, I can't wait for next time."

"Well," Olivia said, "Our next session won't exactly be like this. We have other things to work on too. I think getting you passed the first time jitters was just an important first step."

"Right." Erin says, realizing that she was no longer technically a virgin. "First time. Wow."

Olivia smiles. "Just hit you, didn't it?"

"Yeah, but now I want my second, and third, and more."

"All in due time Erin. For now I think we should thank Mark for helping us out and get going. It's been well over the allotted hour we had scheduled."

"Yeah, thanks Mark." She got up to thank his hand, but he leaned in and kissed her on the cheek instead. Turning back to Olivia she asks, "So what are we going to do next time? And will Mark be there?"

"Let's just leave that a surprise for now, but no, Mark won't be a part of the next session."

Erin frowns slightly.

"Don't worry though, even in his absence, you won't be disappointed."
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