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Musical Appreciation

As the holiday season approached, Christine Leigh's musical theory classes was starting to pay less and less attention to her instructions. Visions of winter break parties and holiday gifts were all they could seem to think of. She had to get their attention and hold it for at least two more weeks, but knew her normal methods just wouldn't do. She had to think of something drastic and had to think of it fast.

After only a couple days of thinking about it, over the weekend, she decided she might be able to use some kind of contest or deal with the class. She tried to announce the deal during Monday's class, but most of them weren't really paying enough attention to make it work. Frustrated, she pulled her shirt open, exposing her huge knockers, and they all snapped onto her in rapt attention.

"As I was saying," she started again, "was that I was thinking I would offer you all a deal. I want you to keep your attention through these last weeks before the holiday break and not drift off. This means you have to listen to me and study and do well on the tests. If you all agree and do that, I will wear this Santa hat as I teach."

The class didn't seem to think this was that great of a deal, as she just stood there and waited. Slowly the sounds of their murmurs shifted as they seemed to understand what she really said. Finally, one of the girls in the class spoke up. "You mean, JUST the Santa hat?"

"Exactly." Was her only reply.

It didn't take long for the rest of the class to sit up and agree. All of them would have paid to see their stacked music teacher wearing nothing, especially if she still moved around and taught like she normally did. Just seeing her tits right now was good enough, but the chance to see more was definitely worth it.

She smiled and dropped her skirt, rendering herself completely nude in front of her whole class. "The deal stands though. You still have to pay attention and everyone has to pass the pop quizzes I will be giving out every couple days or it all ends. The longer this goes on, the closer you all get to a special holiday treat on our last day before break."

"What kind of treat?" One of her kids asked.

"It's a secret." A sly smile crosses her lips. "But if the deal ends before the last day, none of you will ever find out what it even was."

"Not even a hint?"

She ignored the question and started to walk around her desk. "Let's get started with today's lesson."

As the days passed, Mrs. Leigh's class would come in and see her standing there in one of her normal dresses. They would take their seats and wait to see what she said. Every day she would wait for the clock to chime the start of class before saying a word. She would then let them know if they were still in her good graces and the deal still stood.

She would smile and say, "Let's get started," while dropping her dress and stepping out of it. The class would let out a collective sigh, knowing that the deal was still on and they were one day closer to their surprise.

As each day went on, she also seemed to get more and more comfortable with being naked in front of her class. On the first couple days she would spend a lot of time sitting behind the desk or just walking carefully around in front of the chalkboard. After a week she was moving all around the class as usual, not trying to hide behind the desk any more. As the end of the deal approached, she was even climbing up onto her desk and doing big dramatic presentations, not caring how it showed off every inch of her body.

She even found it oddly arousing as the days went on and found it hard to not touch herself at numerous times during her classes. She did tease the idea with herself once and a while, often while behind her desk or when the class had the lights off to watch some video piece she brought in to show them, but never took it all the way.

After a few weeks she even stopped noticing when one of her students would pull out one of their phones or cameras to take a couple quick snaps of her in her all. In the early days she would get quite angry and force them to show her the contests of them, deleting any images of her, any time she saw one, but later she didn't even seem to notice them at all. By the time the last week was approaching, she even started to pose for some of them near the end of class each day.

In the final week, with mere days to go before she had to pay off the treat for them, she started to get nervous about actually going through with it. She started giving them increasingly harder pop quizzes, although never unfairly hard, but they had been paying attention and passed each one. She didn't want to steal it from them, but wanted to make sure they earned it, while hoping they failed and didn't.

Her end of class photo sessions even stopped happening, telling them, "You had better get to your studies because it won't be this easy tomorrow."

They noticed she was nervous and serious, but they didn't want to lose out on what she promised them, so they did the work and studied what she had gone over. Then, every day they would take the test she gave them and hand them in at the end of the class. Most of them were fairly sure they would pass, but it only took one of them to fail and they knew it.

Between classes, most of her students were gathering together during this week to go over what they had learned and what would most likely be on the next quiz, just to make sure none of them failed. They really wanted to see what she had in store for them, even if she was starting to get cold feet.

As the final day approached, she had one last test for them to pass. "It's going to be a hard one for you guys, but the test should be completely doable if you've been paying attention and doing the work. The hard part is going to paying attention to the test and finishing in time."

The class murmured among themselves as she passed out the sealed test and waited for her to tell them to start.

Looking at the clock, waiting for it to tick to the right moment, she turned to the class and said, "You have exactly thirty minutes to have your test finished and on my desk. Good luck."

They opened their tests and started working. She nodded in approval, as they all seemed to be working hard, so she put the next part of her pan into action.

After letting them start she climbs slowly onto her desk, only from the front this time, making sure her great behind was facing the class and not trying to hide anything. Rather than move into a sitting or standing position, as she had often done over the course of the month, she stayed on all fours and started to play with her own ass. This was how she was going to make the test harder without actually making the test unfair. They had to concentrate on the test, and not her, to actually finish it in time.

Over the course of the next half hour she did all manor of naughty actions in front of the class, getting more and more daring as the time when on. She spanked herself with her ruler, licked her own tits, erotically danced on her desk, and even finally actually played with herself in front of her class.

She was pleased as most of her students couldn't help themselves and spent a fair amount of time watching her instead of working on their tests. All of them did eventually knuckle down and try to finish, but glancing up was always soon to follow. She kind of felt bad for them, but she was more worried about paying off whatever they expected from her if they succeeded.

As time slipped away she slid down off her desk and into her seat behind it. "The tests have to be on my desk in the next five minutes or they don't count."

She didn't do any more show, simply waiting for them all to make it up to her desk. Several of them had already placed them up there, but at least ten of her students were scrambling to finish within time. One by one they raced up to the desk and placed theirs on the pile. In the end it was only one student pushing it to the line.

Most of the class was starting to get worried as the time clicked away. They even kept giving updates out loud when it hit thirty seconds... Fifteen seconds... Ten Seconds... Nine, eight, seven, six...

The student slammed their pen down and ran to the front of the room, slapping their test onto the pile as his classmates counted out "Three." He had made it, with two seconds to go. Now it was just up to her grading them all that night. They still didn't know if they made it.

As she graded them that evening she was surprised to see how well most of them did. Even those who had rushed at the end did well. To her surprise, all of them would have passed even if she was grading extra hard, so she saw no reason she could back out now. They had earned it. She would have to pay off.

The next class day started as usual, with her standing in front of the class in a new dress and waiting for the class to start. The student, however, seemed more fidgety than normal. They couldn't seem to wait to find out how they did and if they got whatever surprise she had in store for them. The clock seemed to slow down as it approached the start of class.

When it finally clicked over she stepped forward and dropped her dress. The class went wild, knowing they had made it. She smiled at them and told them all to calm down so she could tell them what was coming. They quickly settled down and waited with rapt attention.

"Here's the deal class." She said with a wicked smile on her lips. "You have to choose your prize. One will be big and immediate but temporary, and the other will be longer term but lesser in size. I am going to put this box up on my desk and you are simply going write one word on a piece of scratch paper as your vote. Now or Later."

The class murmured again, and she waited a few moments to let them stew before going on.

"If you want it now, I will be yours today in class to play with. Hands on and under your command for a full half hour. No dirty stuff guys, but pose me and touch me however you like. All the pictures you want to take. But when class is nearly over it ends, I get dressed, and we come back from break to class as usual."

The class obviously liked the idea but waited to hear the second option.

"If you are patient and want your prize later, I will dress as I have the last few weeks for the entirety of next semester. Any of you who are going on into the next class, which should be most of you, will get what you've seen here all semester long. No special shows or control over me guaranteed, but a whole semester of me undressed. Your choice."

The class was torn and it took nearly ten minutes for them all write their votes and put them in the box. She silently sat behind her desk and took them out one by one, quietly marking them down on a piece of paper. The vote was very close, but in the end the class was told who won and nobody complained.

Which way would you have voted?
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