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10 Reasons to Love CUNT

Internationally Recognized Excellence
Numerous national and international rankings have placed Central University within the top ten educational institutions within its class and size over the last fifty years. Over the last ten years alone Central University have received over twenty-seven awards for educational excellence.

Ideal Size for Personal Touch
With a sustained attendance of around 7,000 students (about 4,500 undergraduates and 1,500 graduate students), Central University is large enough to offer tremendous choice in academic programs, people to interact with, social programs, and other things to do, yet small enough that students won't get lost in the crowds or left behind unnoticed.

Wide Variety of Educational Options
Central University offers an extremely wide variety of undergrad and graduate programs, ranging from the high sciences to the performing arts. This variety allows not only a great range of choices for degrees, but allows for cross-education for those who want a broader educational experience.

Excellent Faculty
Nearly all classes at Central University are taught by distinguished faculty, with active experience in the field and extensive training. At CUNT, graduate students are not here to teach your classes, but just to learn along with the rest of you. We are committed to putting you face to face with seasoned professors every day.

Active Learning
Most students enrich their education through local internships, international study, fieldwork, service learning, work-study, and other "hands-on" experiences. Using the experience of others to help train, while expanding the connections of Central University into new areas, helps foster an active community learning experience.

Welcoming Community
An inviting first year experience, Honors Program, highly active student organizations, and progressive system of aided student integration help new students feel comfortable at Central University by encouraging them to interact with each other and their professors.

Diverse Perspectives and Respect
Central University is committed to creating a community that values a diversity of backgrounds, experiences, identities, and opinions. Diversity contributes to academic quality, so the standard procedure is to be open to new things and ideas without pre-judging them.

Progressive Thinking
Central University's community is socially conscious and tends to think ahead. Progressive thinking and close ties to local businesses, government, and residents has made Central University a valued member of the community. Pouring all sorts of resources and funds back into the community through social and sporting events, internships, and Alumni donations, the two have become inseparable in the eyes of most.

Environmentally Conscious
Central University is extremely environmentally conscious, taking great cares to both repair and care for the environment of the community and working towards the same thing globally. Thanks to student-led initiatives and university projects, CUNT has been the recipient of several Green organization Awards, even being presented one from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Impressive Outcomes
Student satisfaction, graduation, and employment rates are among the highest in the region. Alumni also regularly keep in contact with and visit the campus, even years after graduation.
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