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Rustic Lakefront Community Park

Located on the north-west end of beautiful Lake Laramont lies this scenic green rustic park. Unlike the more commercial and constructed Lake Laramont State Park, Lakefront Community Park retains it's natural look and feel, while containing all the park amenities the community would need. It's also just a short drive or a nice walk from campus, for all students and staff who are looking for a nice place to spend that sunny day.

If you are looking for a nice place to sit, convenient benches have been placed throughout the ground, often under trees for shade or along the lake for pleasant views. All are made of rustproof-coated steel and natural woods, placed into buried slabs of concrete, to keep them in place.

Large fields for playing games or picnicking can be found back from the lakeside attractions, complete with public restrooms and well placed water fountains. Most of these areas have been kept back from the lake to help prevent any contamination of both the water and the view.

Surrounding the park are a number of gravel and pounded dirt trails for both walking and biking, but no paved walkways, to keep the natural feel as much as possible. The trails wind throughout the park, both along the lakeside and through the surrounding woods, for whatever you are feeling like at the time. Our large collection of community volunteers work, year round, to keep these trails kept and clean of dangerous debris.

Even if you step off the prepared trails of the park, into the woods or towards the lake, you will find beautiful and often untouched nature right in our back yard. The volunteers also work to keep these areas clean of garbage, but don't damage or change the scenery at all. Help them out and make sure you take out anything you take in with you. It's best if you just don't take anything in with you.

It is important, however, that if you do head into the woods you take precautions, as they are kept natural. Which means they can be dangerous and are not as patrolled as the standard trails and waterfront are. Much beauty can be found there, but in a natural state you should leave how you found.

Being left closer to its natural state, but still active with visitors and tourists, local wildlife likes to congregate along its shores and in its woods.

Several species of duck, goose, wren, and other water foul call Lakefront Community Park home. Some of the ducks even call it home year round, counting on the visitors to feed them in the winter months.

Rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, and several other smaller land animals also call the park home year round. Occasionally you might even get to see a deer or other larger animal as they wander down from the hills. No matter what you see, however, you should never approach of attempt to feed them, as they are still wild animals and could be dangerous.

Fishing is also a popular pastime along the northern shores of the park, where the lake thins out. Walk these trails and you will find several well-established and popular fishing ground sought out by many locals and visitors alike. Small outcroppings make it possible to get your lines exactly where you want them from most of the shore. For those places you can't reach, rowboats can be taken into this area of the lake. Powered boats are not allowed to travel this end of the lake, thanks to a city ordinance passed in 1978, to help keep it pristine and safe for natural fishing.

Farther north along the shores of the park, near where the river feeds into it, the cattails grow and give the park an even more wild and free look. Home to thousands of frogs, lizards, insects, and fish, it's protected as a natural wild life reserve, with limited fishing access and study permits from the university. Very few trails will be found out this far and access is limited, so tread carefully if you happen to find yourself out this far and please don't disturb the natural beauty found here.

Students, staff, and park workers who are allowed to work in these parts, must follow very strict rules of dress, travel, tool use, and grounds care.

So come on up and enjoy the pristine beauty of rustic Lakefront Community Park. Paid and care for my your own community so you can enjoy it every day. Come and love the trees and water and wildlife. Visit and see the beauty. Then make sure to donate to the fund to keep it looking this way.

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