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Inspection In The Kitchen

Nowhere is really out of bounds for the Inspectors when it comes to enforcing the School Codes. Sure, they aren't allowed to do inspections in an active classroom, but that's only because the teachers have the control in those areas (acting as Inspectors when needed). After class hours, or during many lab hours, the classrooms are once again open to Inspectors again.

This young girl was making something in the dorm kitchen one afternoon, making something for lunch, when an Inspector happened to come in there and notice her. He immediately called on her to prove she was not breaking the | Dress Codes and she quickly spun around in surprise, but then started to pull up the hem of her skirt.
It seemed that the small peek was not enough to satiate the Inspector so she kept pulling it up to fully expose her lower region. This clearly proved the lack of panties or lower layering to him, but he said he was more concerned that she might be wearing a bra.

With a little trepidation she pulled the dress all the way up to her neck and exposed everything to him. He nodded in approval, saying, "Seems in order, but I will have to inspect the dress to make sure you didn't pull a fast one, trying to hide it as you pulled it up."
Knowing she had no choice she pulled the dress off over her head and handed it to him for him to inspect. She stood there, fully exposed but not hiding anything, while he carefully looked her over for any other violations. He then said she could relax while he checked out the dress.

She took that to mean she could lean back on the counter and put her foot up. This was a rather comfortable way to stand for her, especially since she didn't know how long she'd be here. He carefully went over the dress, looking for anything hidden or wrapped up in it, but was satisfied when he didn't find any. He handed her back the dress and she thanked him before putting it back on.

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