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Should Have Seen It Coming

Russian studies was not one of Jessie's favorite classes, but a least the professor made it at least somewhat entertaining. Mrs. Simonov was from the eastern block and knew a lot about the subject. She even had a slight accent still, which Jessie thought sounded kind of cool. Her classroom was over in the Quad and was relatively small, but none of that mattered because the class was also relatively small. Not many people seemed to take Russian Studies any more, with the fall of the Soviet Union back in the '80s and everything. The only reason Jessie was even here was because it would make her Journalism degree seem more well rounded if she took classes about numerous countries around the world. This was just one of several on her list.

Mrs. Simonov was going on about the history of Russia since Glasnost, talking mostly about the political control problems they faced in the mid to late '90s. It was then that a Junior Jessie only knew as Erin snorted, scoffing at something Mrs. Simonov had to say about the fall of a certain leader.

The room fell silent as all eyes darted between Erin and Mrs. Simonov.

"You think you know better than history and me on this Mrs. Simpson?"

"No." The young girl in glasses and braids says. "I just think he should have seen it coming. I mean, come one, everyone in the position before him befell the same fate."

"You think he could have learned from their mistakes and history? You think people don't get caught in patterns even when they should see them coming?"

The girl nods. "Yeah. It was stupid."

"Then I think we should do a little experiment. Come up here."

Cautiously Erin makes it to the front of the class and stands there looking sheepish. Jessie doesn't envy her, as she know very well what it's like to be put on the spot in front of everyone, but she also can't wait to see what happens.

Mrs. Simonov stands Erin in front of the room, next to her, and makes her face the rest of the class. "I am going to ask you a series of very simple questions and you are going to answer them all quickly. These are things that everyone should be able to answer, so no tricks there. The trick is that you will be caught in a pattern and get some wrong."

"Okay... and?"

"And if you get one wrong you have to remove a piece of clothing for the rest of class. Standing here in front of them all on display."

Jessie smiles, now fully expecting to see Erin at least get topless before this day ends. The rest of the class also seems to shift in their seats in preparation of this too.

Erin looks a little surprised, but then steels herself up. "Fine. And if I pass all your questions?"

"Then you get to keep your clothing and sit down, but it won't happen."

"If you are so sure, how about if I get them all right you have to give me YOUR dress for the rest of class?"

Mrs. Simonov looks shocked for a moment and then says, "Fine. It won't happen though, nobody ever gets these all right. It's just the nature of the things."

"First question." She says, looking at Erin. "I have a red house made of red bricks and a blue house made of blue bricks and a white house made of white bricks and a tan house made of tan bricks. What is my greenhouse made of?"

Jessie smiles, as she knows this one, and Erin seems to know it too, because she quickly says "Glass. All greenhouses are made of glass."

"Very good." Mrs. Simonov says, "How about these? What is five plus five?"


"What is two plus eight?"


"What is fourteen minus four?"


"How many years are in a decade?"

Erin smirks again and says, "Ten."

"What is an aluminum can made of?"

"Aluminum." Erin quickly says. "Nice try."

Jessie stifles a snicker because she immediately thought of 'Tin' and would have lost her top.

"Right." Mrs. Simonov starts to look a little worried. "Now we try the next one. Please slowly spell 'silk' for me."

Erin smiles and says, "S, I, L, K."

"Okay, now say 'silk' four times fast."

As Erin does this Jessie also does it in her head, as if taking the test along with her.

"Okay, what do cows drink?"

Jessie thinks 'Milk', but Erin quickly says "Water" with a smirk, not falling for it.

Mrs. Simonov scowls, but looks impressed. "You are correct."

Erin looks a little smug and says, "Any more?"

"No." Mrs. Simonov grumbles. "You have proven to be the exception to the rule. You may sit down."

Erin doesn't move and just smiles at her.

"I said you can sit down Mrs. Simpson."

"Aren't you forgetting something Mrs. Simonov?" The Junior in glasses says with as smirk. "I won your little bet."

"You aren't going to hold me to that are you?" The now worried looking professor says. "I am your teacher and this is my class."

"You should have seen it coming."

The class all let out a number of snickers and Mrs. Simonov slowly removes her dress, exposing her naked body and huge tits to the whole class. Erin takes the dress and walks back to her seat. Mrs. Simonov looks very red and embarrassed but manages to get back into her stride for teaching the day's lesson.

By the time class ended she seemed to have totally forgotten that she was naked, because Jessie actually saw a look of shock on her face and a renewed sense of embarrassment when Erin handed her back her dress.
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