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Cracked Student Spotlight Archive

Kata Skokoff – Equestrian (Outtakes)

Although the article didn't bother to show these images, the photographer managed to convince Kata to remove her shirt for some extra shots while she walked her horse back to the stables. She left her hat on, but allowed them to get some great shots of her naked. These are those images, even though they chose not to use them on the main site for some reason.

Even though she left her hat on, she did let it fall down to hang behind her so they could get some nice shots of her hair as well. She was more than happy to pose a few times and didn't seem to have a shy bone in her body.

They finally asked if she would be willing to hop back up on her horse to get some shots of her riding naked, and she was more than happy to do it. If you've ever been out in the fields at the right time, you would have seen her like this anyway, which is why I guess she was okay with it. She often tends to ride around completely naked early in the morning during the spring and summer.

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Last modified on 2014/5/31 by TruthGirl
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