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Featured CUNT Cheerleader
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Julie Renfield – Audition

When Julie Renfield came to Central U, all she was sure of was that she wanted to become a businesswoman. She took all the classes and did all the work, but she also discovered a love for dance and sports. This led her to try out for the cheer squad in her second year. She did an audition but was told she wasn't quite ready for the squad, so she wasn't on the team in her sophomore year. This didn't keep her from trying again this year. As you can see from these images, she was in shape and ready to do her best when audition time came around again at the start of her junior year.

As one of the junior assistant coaches set up the camera and wrote the basic notes for the tryout, Julie stretched and prepared to show them how much she improved since last year. The assistant coach couldn't help but notice how she looked, even before seeing what she learned. He suggested she started with some examples of her flexibility by stretching, so show how well she has improved in that area too, since being flexible is important when cheering.

After stretching and some demonstrations of her flexibility, she moved onto showing some moves. The assistant coach took notes and seemed duly impressed by her cheers, kicks, flips, and handstands. She finished up with her big move and walked over to the assistant coach to see how he felt she did.

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She asked him how he thought she did and looked down the checklist of her audition and reread some of his notes. After a few moments he told how impressed she was with her improvement and that she definitely showed some real talent, but that he had a lot of girls he had to see and wasn't sure if she was going to make the cut in the end or not, since several of them also showed great talent as well.

She asked to see his notes, so she could see where she could improve and the coach tentatively let her take a quick look. Overall she seemed pleased and thought she deserved to make the team with the score she had. He seemed to agree, but said the same went for several of the others who tried out and they still had more to see.

Her determination was serious and her drive seemed unstoppable, so the assistant coach couldn't help but feel a little something for her. In the end her perseverance and skill won out and she made the team. When asked why she made it the assistant coach simply said she had the skills and her drive was undeniable.

You can now see her at nearly every game, up there with the rest of the squad.

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