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Cracked Sports Spotlight Archive

Julia Rosewood – Tennis Team (Outtakes)

As seems to be the norm now, far more revealing pictures were taken during the picture shoot for this spotlight than they ever used. Or, as I'm beginning to believe, ever intended to use. As Julia has been seen numerous times out on the court practicing in the nude, I doubt she would have any problems with these images being posted as part of the spotlight, bur for some reason the school decided to keep them out.

In my efforts to keep them from hiding anything they are doing, I am now posting an assortment of the rest so you can see the kinds of images they get out students to take, even if they don't intend to use them in the end. I actually find it more disturbing that they would choose to keep these to themselves than publish them.

As you can see, they started right out with zooming on her most private of places when she "accidentally" exposed herself leaning over the net. The longer shot they used was not the only one they took. They then wasted no time in asking her to take down her top so they could ger her massive breasts on film as well.

As you can see from these images, she was more than happy to comply with their requests and show off what she's got. I'm actually pretty impressed she's able to play as well as she does with those things. Most large breasted women have trouble with active sports like tennis, especially when she can't layer restrictive tops and sports bras, but somehow she manages to play in just one or the other. And even often nude during her training.

She was even very open to spreading her legs and letting her dress ride up when they wanted to get those kinds of images of her too. Why would they have her do such things and take pictures of it if they never intended to publish them on this site? Especially with such a willing participant. It only seems to lead to more questions.

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Last modified on 2014/5/31 by TruthGirl
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