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Sports Spotlight Archive

Julia Rosewood – Tennis Team

The Central University of New Town's tennis team is one of the strongest in the state right now, ranking in at sixth. A lot of that has to go to our top star, Julia Rosewood. Since she came here and joined the team, her winning streak has been unparalleled in the history of the school. As of this writing she has won 45 of her 52 official matches. That doesn't take into account all the practice matches and unofficial matches she's played outside of the state tournaments.

Central U really hasn't seen a player like this since the days of Betty Mackerel back in the '70s. Sure there have been some stars here and there, and the team even went to the national tournament in '98 and 2005, but no single standout player has shone as much since Betty. They will be talking about Julia for decades to come. Especially since it's likely she will be taking her team to nationals again before she graduates.

Besides her skills on the court, Julia is going through CU's journalism school and taking several courses in the arts. Her ambition is to make it to Wimbledon, but plans to get into news media after her tennis career ends and wants to be ready for that. Although not top in her classes, her instructors all inform us that she does quite well and shows nearly as much promise as most in the industry already. More than some who have had long careers in the field, in fact.

Ever since she was in fifth grade, Julia Rosewood has been enthralled with tennis. That was the year she first held a racquet and stepped onto a court at the country club her family belonged to. She had watched others play before and enjoyed that some, but it was nothing compared to the feeling of being out there and playing. She says she was hooked the first moment she hit a ball back at her friend. It was less than a week later she started taking lessons.

Over the course of the next few years she played mostly casual games with her friends and some others at the club and through her school, but when she hit high school she started to get serious about it. She joined the school team and took them to nationals in her first year, winning in her third. She most likely would have won in her Senior year as well except for an unfortunate flu striking at the wrong time and weakening her, making her come in fifth.

Although she was courted by several schools that wanted her for their tennis teams, even being offered some fairly lucrative scholarships, she chose to come to Central U for one reason. Her mother is a graduate of Central U and had nothing but good things to say about her experiences at the school, convincing her daughter that it was the place for her too. They had no need for scholarships, as the family was well enough off to afford it, so she signed up and came here to lead us to our next victory.

You should never doubt her skills to do it too. Before she graduates, I totally expect to see a national championship with her name on it on display in our halls.

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