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Join The Fun Here At Central University

All Staff and Students (as well as many alumni and interested potential students) are welcomed to be a part of this social online community. Do you have questions about life at the college? Do you want to know more about what goes on here? Do you have stories you want to share about your experiences here? Or even stories tangentially related to your time here? Or do you simply want to talk to those who go or work here? Then join our community and partake.

Central University of New Town's Student Body Information and Community Site used to have an open enrolment system, allowing anyone to join and make an account. Unfortunately the advances in spambot technology made leaving that option open unviable. The floods of thousands of fake accounts a day made it impossible to weed out the few true new members among them before deleting. A new method had to be put into place.

If you are interested in joining the fun here, simply send an email to the Admin (admin) at (@) this domain ( and request an account. Make sure to clearly include your desired Username within the body of the email and he will set it up for as soon as he can (usually within 24 hours and often much sooner) and reply to your email with your account information and password. If your desired Username is unavailable, you will be contacted with possible alternate options.

Most students choose a form of their name as their username so it will be clearly connected to their student ID. Jane Doe might choose "Jane" or "JaneD" or even "JaneDoe" using this form. Some like to a little more creative and mix their name with something else, like Jane Doe (again) might choose "JaneSkater" or "JaneDoes" or even "JungleJane". Staff usually use a similar form, but often include their position (as Professor or Dean) as part of their name. If Jane was a professor, she might use the name "ProfessorDoe" as her username.

Non-students tend to use whatever they want, from their name, to a play on words, or even some hobby or childhood related nickname. There is really no pattern or rule to how usernames have to be made. Student, staff, local, or just fan usernames can be nearly anything you want them to be. All you have to do is choose one and email the Admin with it to get an account.

Behind the Curtain Information

All those who participate here love to read adult stories about the college and most of them also love to write them. By requesting an account you can become part of the community and participate in any way you wish, from asking questions, to chatting with others in character, or even telling stories of your own. All are welcome that want to be a part of this community (as long they keep things true to the communal world we are all creating).

Accounts can be made for any character you wish to portray, as long as they are not already a character that exists and belongs to someone else (and as long as they fit within the world of Central U). That means don't ask to make a character that already exists in a story here (most of them already have accounts) unless you have express permission from the author of their stories (and I can check with them). Also, don't ask to make a ninja robot or vampire slayer, as things like these don't exist in this world.

Central U is just a normal(ish) real-world college in the Pacific North-West of the United States of America. The exact location has never actually been given, but I always envisioned it being somewhere near the center of Western Washington, relatively close to the Puget Sound but not on it (Perhaps around where the capital city of Olympia is, but not too close to it). It exists in a large town that mostly survives off what the college brings in (both from direct income from students paying for things and those who come to town to experience the "special events" that this unique college cause to happen in it).

Also, if you want a second account to play more than one character in this world, feel free to ask about that too. Many of the players here have multiple characters, used to expand the way they tell their stories and give them more options for playing around, and that's not including the large number of "puppet" accounts the site owner has for all the characters from his stories (many of which do interact on the forums).

Once you have your account, feel free to change the password to whatever you want and update the information and avatar however you see fit. The account is yours to play with, so make it your own character. Just remember that all chat on the forums (outside the very bottom "Behind the Scenes" section) is supposed to be about your "real life" in and around the college.
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