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Jenny Twindle – Fashion Major (Outtakes)

I don't have a lot to add with these pictures, as there isn't much about Jenny that most people don't already know. She is a pretty "what you see is what you get" kind of person, so digging up dirt is never easy. As such, I simply have some of the best shots that they chose to use.

The first two images I have here are ones that were taken while she was still wearing her "Holy Netting" dress. The photographer seemed to like catching shots between her legs while she sat down for a bit, but then had second thoughts about using them when posting the story. I leave it up to you if he made the right decision or not.

These next two were the best of a series where he seemed to want to get pictures of her holding her dancer's "hoop" skirts in a way that brought all the attention directly to her pussy. Kind of like a large lacy target. Again, he thought better of it before including these in the article.

These next two are the best examples of what I call the Ass Shots. Once she was naked, the guy seemed to like shooting a lot of pictures of her from behind, but decided not to include nearly any when he posted the finished story. I think they are just stuff for his personal collection, as it seems he just has a fetish (at least from what I saw on the rest of his computer).

This final picture was the only clear shot full frontal posed image they got of her. Not sure how they got her to agree to pose for this, as there is nothing in the image that showcases any of her work at all. It's purely just a shot done to get to look at her beautiful naked body. Not that I'm complaining.

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