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Arts Spotlight Archive

Jenny Twindle – Fashion Major

Central University of New Town has one of the largest specialized fashion programs on the west coast, producing some of the best designers in a multitude of international markets. Everything from the Avant-Garde to Haute Couture can be found coming out of the department and it teaches the industry from the basics of croquis to top-level team management. Graduates of the school will be respected in nearly every fashion conscious country in the world and are often sought out as new hires by the largest companies.

Of our current crop of students, Jenny Twindle is the top of the class. She has created new fashions that have already caught the attention of several large companies. She isn't even a senior yet and has had several job offers, some of which don't even care if she waits until she graduates to accept. The future looks bright for this lady.

Unlike a lot of fashion students, Jenny also likes to have other students make requests of her. She liked to make the things they want, as long as they aren't simple things. Rather than just making up her own creations, she likes the challenge of being told something to make that most people wouldn't be able to do.

Jenny also likes to test out her own fashions by wearing them around campus. Unlike most places in the world, Central U is open to the kind of strange designs she prefers to work on. Dresses that don't quite cover enough and often accentuate the parts that aren't covered. She thinks it's fun to be provocative and push the envelope of style. As long as it looks good is all it matters to her.

She has also made designs for most of the recent theater department presentations, most recently on their huge successful run of The Nurses of Benville Heights. She has also worked with the athletics department on several of their proposed uniforms, although most of her designs have been rejected in preference of ones that covered a little bit more.

Her designs are usually a bit outside what most mainstream organizations would accept. You'd never find any of them in your local WalMart or Fred Meyers. Luckily most of the high fashion world doesn't have such conservative restrictions. As such, she will do just fine once she's out among her peers.

Most recently Jenny has been working with the Dance classes to design their new outfits, both for practice and performances. Although many of the dancers have gotten used to, and even prefer, practicing in the nude, Jenny's specialized minimalist designs have actually been a big hit with them. Nearly half the students are now wearing her designs in practice and five of the last seven performances have been done exclusively in her designs. They have been a huge hit with everyone.

When asked about her unique take on fashion, Jenny said, "I just look at the job before me, be it an assignment, a request, or even just a body, and my mind fills with numerous ideas of what could be done there. The next thing I know I am already drawing and the design just takes shape. What I get done in my croquis [rough sketches] is usually pretty close to what comes out in the finished project. I just see it and it happens."

After looking at a number of these sketches and the finished projects, I have to say she's right. She has the amazing ability to see what is possible, and even how to do it, before cutting even a single piece of fabric.

TruthGirl Was Here
When asked about her future, she said, "I haven't decided exactly what I'm going to do. All I do know is I'm going to finish my schooling here and then spend at least a year traveling to figure it out. I can't wait to spend some time in New York, Paris, and other fashion centers of the world to just check them out. How could I possibly choose one until I've actually spent time in them?"

She then went on to show us some of the designs she was currently working on, while shooting the pictures that accompany this article, and talking about what she learned and enjoyed about her time here at Central U. Mostly she talked about specific classes and teachers, which we didn't feel was necessary to print here, but it all can be summed up as she has had the time of her life here.

Once we were finished she saw us out and got back to work. I'm sure you'll be seeing this work in upcoming performances from the dance department. I for one won't be missing it if what she showed us ends up on the stage, but you'll have to wait and see, since we agreed not to take any pictures of those pieces.

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