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Student Spotlight Archive

Jayda Brooke – Baseball Team
As anyone who has been to one of our women's baseball games this year would know, Jayda has been a major player on the team all season. Her skills on the field have earned her this spotlight and the adoration of both the fans and her teammates. It's hard to imagine our team without her. In the last game before I sat down to write this she was carried off the field by her team at the end of the game, which is not an unusual sight.

Just under twenty years ago she was born and it wasn't long until her parents realized she was going to be athletically inclined. She grew up being involved in little leagues of all kinds, from softball to soccer, and once she reached high school age she was the star of her school's girl's softball team. She also lettered in several other sports, but softball was her primary sport. In both her junior and senior years her team made it to the state finals and she was voted MVP both years. In reaching college she learned that the girls had an actual baseball team and she loved being able to play "the real thing" on a full team.

Although she was always this athletic, her actual career dreams are along a different path. The sports are what she does for recreation and fun, not what she wants to do with her life. Even as far back as middle school she knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. Now that she is at college she is able to pursue her dreams in those areas and take the courses to see them come to fruition. Jayda is one of our numerous students well on their way to becoming doctors, through our award winning pre-med, medical, and nursing programs.

Taking all the required medical courses and biology classes, she will start assisting at the clinic and nursing stations starting next semester for some real field experience. So far she has struggle slightly to keep up with both her studies and the sports, but she has said that if it ever comes down to having to choose between them the sports will have to go by the wayside. Let's just hope it never comes to that so we can keep our winning team together. Most of her professors have tried hard to make it work for both since they are also fans of the team.

TruthGirl Was Here

After her first two years playing on the team she has now moved up to being one of the two team captains come next season. She only agreed to the position if it could be a joint position she shared with another, which would allow her to do it while maintaining her medical studies and work in the clinics. She really wants to keep active with the team, but being a solo captain would be too much for her to handle at this time.

I know that numerous fans are really looking forward to seeing where she takes the team next season, myself included, so I am glad to see that she is going to still be there. She has dropped her involvement with most of the other sports teams and even several of the organizations she used be part of, but wanted to keep active with the team.

What you see here in these pictures is her own personal uniform she made for appearances and walking around campus. She wanted to use this for the photo shoot, since she felt the regular uniform was to plain and not "pink enough" for her tastes. Despite all her sports and tomboy type tendencies, Jayda is still very girly when it comes to colors. This personal outfit was designed to showcase her favorite color and still work very well within the rules of the Dress Code.

After the short interview and photo shoot finished Jayda was immediately off to finish out some lab work she had to do before finals. Things never seem to stop or slow down for this amazing lady and we are sure glad she is on our team.

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