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Inspector Training

One of the core pillars of Central University of New Town is its Dress Ideology Code. This code holds up the ideals of proper dress for both the young gentlemen and ladies that attend the school. They are encouraged to dress more modestly and proper for their gender. This encouragement does not force uniforms or a specific style of dress on any student, it only limits each student to one layer of coverage, so they should choose one that is more conservative and proper. Students are expected to choose to cover up more or end up more exposed than they would be comfortable with.

At the center of these codes is the core concept that no student is allowed to wear more than one item of clothing that counts a top and one that counts as a bottom. What counts as either of these for each sex is clearly listed within the codes (along with everything that counts as accessories or accent items), leaving a lot of room for each student to create a style of their own. The main is that no matter what style they choose, it has to follow the codes.

In order to make sure the codes are followed, the school has created the DIC Inspector Program. Inspectors come from a combination of staff members and honored students allowed to check up on those at the school and make sure they are following the codes. Although the inspectors have a lot of important duties to perform, they can't be allowed to push the boundaries and abuse their positions of power. Several safeguards and protections are in place to prevent these boundary crossings. What these boundaries are and what are the actual duties of an inspector is something many students often have questions about. In order to try and make some of this clearer to the student body in general we are presenting this series.

The following are a number of special training sessions and tests designed to show you some of what inspectors go through before they are given their cards and sent out to start their own inspections. Although, since we can't give you the same personal training and real-life examples used in actual inspector training, this program is going to use a number of volunteers to give you several examples of areas of training and then end each session with a sample test to see how much you learned.

Sample Training Sessions
Session 1: Ashley Norrington – Basics of Spotting Dress Code Violations
Session 2: Desiree Spence – Handling Unusual Inspection Situations
Session 3: Alison Malachim – Dresses, what to look for and the dangers of them

Inspector Recruitment
You can not request becoming an actual inspector (don't even try). Inspectors are not something you can work your way into. Potential Inspectors are taken from those who staff members have nominated. Those who accept are then put through basic training and a rigorous series of interviews. Only about 10% of those who are nominated ever make it through to the final extensive training sessions, before being given their official positions and equipment.
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