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Inspection Spotlight

The process of inspections is an important part of the School Codes and should be respected by all students and staff alike. In an effort to both inform people about the process and expose what really happens we are posting these inspections that have been captured on film here. These will be examples of both good and bad events that have happened during inspections, including both the innocent who get to go home and the guilty who are cited because of their offenses.

For former features see the Inspection Spotlight Archives.

Sorority Inspection

Heather Redgrave is a well known and well-liked member of the main top tier Central U cheer squad and proud member of the Iota Eta Pi Sorority. She even had her own very popular Cheerleader Spotlight a little while ago, showcasing her place of high regard among the cheer squad and at the school.

On the day this inspection happened Heather was hanging around the Iota Eta Pi Sorority house, mostly just relaxing and lounging around for the day with some of her sisters. She had no cheer duties to go to, no classes since it was the weekend, and there was nothing else she had to handle for a whole day. It was one of those rare times when she actually had nothing on her schedule and was free to just waste time.

Normally this kind of behavior would be considered suspicious to most inspectors, since people often unwittingly break the rules when they are being lazy. Spending all day inside the sorority house doesn't change that. It only changed their potential exposure to the inspectors, since they aren't out walking around. Since dorm leaders and house leaders are also all included in the ranks of inspectors, that isn't always the case.

Heather had gotten up at one point and went into the kitchen to get herself a snack when she was confronted by the house mother calling for an inspection. Heather happily put her snack down and turned to look at her dorm mother, ready to start the inspection as ordered..

The house mother started out by questioning Heather about her day and her choice of outfits for the day. She noticed that it appeared to fall within the rules, but just waned to make sure. Heather was more than happy to let her proceed and waited willingly for her commands.

The house mother asked her about her shirt, and commented on how nice it looked on her, before asking if she actually tried wearing it with a bra under it. Heather shook her head and told the woman that she never wore them. That she didn't even have any in her room here on campus. She left them all at home when she moved back here after her freshman year.

The woman then told her to lift her shirt so she could make sure there wasn't anything hidden under it. She did mention that the likelihood of her being able to hide anything under a shirt with such thin straps was very low, but she had to check. Heather accepted this without issue and lifted her shirt to clearly expose her bare breasts to the woman. She then continued to hold it up like this as long as the woman wanted her to, smiling the whole time.

After a long moment the house mother told her she could lower her shirt. She was assured that there was nothing hidden under it but Heather's exquisite breasts.

After Heather was finally allowed to put her shirt back down, she took the moment to grab one of her crackers and take a nibble. The house mother let her do this, but soon told her that she had to continue the inspection. Heather understood, but kept nibbling as long as she could get away with it. She had come in the kitchen for a snack after all.

She was ordered to lift the skirt so the house mother could make sure she wasn't wearing panties or anything else under it. Heather dutifully lifted the front of her little denim skirt and showed off her neatly trimmed pussy under it. She expected that it would be proof enough for the dorm mother that she was following the rules, but the lady simply shook her head and told her pull it all the way up. Heather put down her cracker and pulled it up even further, tucking the skirt about her waist like a belt.

The house mother then told her to squat down and spread her legs so she could see more clearly, doing the required internal inspection. Heather got down and spread wide, putting her hands on her thighs. She was then told to spread her lips and hold them open, which she also happily did as ordered, showing off the pink wet depths of her pussy to the older woman, who was bending over to get a good close look.

After a shot while the dorm mother got back up and told Heather to do the same. She was happy to be back on her feet and able to put her skirt back down in its proper place. She thought the inspection was over, but the dorm mother had a few more order for her before it was done.

"I'm not sure about the skirt." The dorm mother told her. "I think you need to take it off so I can check it thoroughly."

Heather started to unsnap the skirt so she could pull it down, but the dorm mother interrupted her before she could start.

"Slowly." She said, "I want you take it down slowly."

Heather smiled and did as she was told, taking the skirt off so slowly it almost wasn't moving most of the time. It took nearly two minutes to remove the skirt completely and the dorm mother watched closely the whole time, most likely watching for any signs of a violation.

Once the skirt reached her feet the dorm mother told her to hand it over so she could look through it. Heather was more than happy to do so and just stood there bottomless while the woman went over every inch of her skirt.

While standing there and waiting for the dorm mother to finish checking out her skirt, Heather asked if it was okay if she continued to have her snack. The lady saw no problem with that and heather turned her back to get back to her food.

While Heather was snacking, the dorm mother commented on how nice her ass looked. Telling her that she always thought that she had one of the best behinds in the house.

Heather blushed and thanked the woman, looking over her shoulder at her.

After a few minutes she was told to turn around and resume the inspection position. Heather did as instructed and stood there facing the woman once more. The lady looked her up and down again, before finally handing Heather back her skirt. She was then told she was clear and could about her business.

Heather asked for an inspection slip and the house mother just waved her off, telling her there was no reason this needed to be on record. She found no infraction and that would just mean paperwork. Heather insisted and thus we have the report you are reading now. And the pictures you see were taken by one of her sisters who was watching from the doorway with her phone out. We need more students like this, who not only accept the rules, but make sure they are followed on all sides.

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