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Easy Inspection Gone Right

This lovely young student was seen casually playing around in Olympus Park in her pink dress when the inspector honed in on her. He pointed her out to me and said, "She looks like she might be hiding something. That dress seems long enough to cover a violation." I thought she looked fine and looked like she was in compliance, but I'm not the expert.

As he slowly approached her and made his motion for her to wait for him, flashing his identification card, she tried to play it coy, like she had no idea what was going on. It is a common idea that the inspectors like this approach, as it makes them feel like they have more power. I have to say, it seemed to work on this one, as he was most smug about it.
When the inspector asks if she is in compliance with the dress code she leans forward evocatively and lets us look down her dress, clearly showing that she seems to be following them just fine. She seemed to be hoping that he would be satiated by this and not ask for a full inspection.

She even goes as far as to pull her top down a little to expose her breast to us, still trying to look innocent. I could see that she was actually getting a little nervous at this point, since the inspector didn't seem swayed by her actions at all.
He finally stops her by saying he needs to do an inspection for violations and asks her to lift her dress so he can see. She quickly complies and stands there, exposing her lovely shaved pussy to all in attendance. She didn't seem shy or ashamed at all, which actually seemed to annoy the inspector a little.

After looking carefully for a moment he asked her to lift it all the way off. She started to pull it up and off but he stopped her, saying, "Slowly, I need to make sure I don't miss you trying to discard anything in the process." She follows the instructions and slowly pulls her dress off.
Handing the dress to the inspector, so he can look it over thoroughly, she stands there completely naked and waits in the official inspection stance. She is still trying to keep a strong face on her, but it's obvious that she is a little uncomfortable at this point. This seems to please the inspector.

Finding no violation he hands her dress back and gives her a clean passing inspection ticket. She thanks him and starts to walk away, not bothering to put her dress back on until she was well away from him, just to be safe.

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