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Inspection Spotlight

The process of inspections is an important part of the School Codes and should be respected by all students and staff alike. In an effort to both inform people about the process and expose what really happens we are posting these inspections that have been captured on film here. These will be examples of both good and bad events that have happened during inspections, including both the innocent who get to go home and the guilty who are cited because of their offenses.

The following list is all the inspections that have been spotlighted since these rebooted archives were started. As new ones are shown on the main page they are also added to this list. Only inspections are listed here, not court outcomes. For those you have to see the punishment spotlight section.

Sorority Inspection
Violation in the Lounge
Inspection in the Trees
Tennis Inspection
Stairway Inspection
Inspection In The Kitchen
Easy Inspection Gone Right

Inspector Audrey Harper
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