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The Incentive Program

Professor De Cotis (Larissa to her friends) is one of the small group of instructors in the History and Geography Department. Her specialty was modern history—talking about more recent events and how they effect the present and perhaps even the near future. She knows her subject very well and is highly respected among her peers.

She is, however, also the low man on the totem pole when it comes requests being made on the department. When the school needed a rudimentary geography teacher for a number of athletes falling behind, they made the request of the department and Larissa De Cotis was given the post. What was going to be little more than a babysitting job for a bunch of jocks had now fallen right into her lap to deal with.

She knew it was going to be a hard class to teach, but had no idea just how hard it was going to be to reign in a room full of arrogant jocks. When she first walked up to the room and saw the entirely male class sitting around and joking with each other, she paused and took a deep breath before fully entering, knowing this was going to be a challenge.

Sure enough, they took forever to settle down and even then didn't seem to listen to a thing she had to say. By the end of the first class she was certain things had to change if she had any chance of getting these guys to actually learn anything and pass their tests. But she had no idea what would get through to them and how she could use it.

Over the next coupe weeks she tried a number of accepted and known teaching techniques, but none of them even made a dent in these guys. They were still as unruly and disrespectful as they were on the first day. Nothing seemed to work on them.

She was reaching her threshold of patience and her will were starting to break, leading her to a breaking point where she would just give up and let them all keep doing whatever they want. They would fail and she would be seen as having failed the school. Or worse yet, some school official would come to her and see to it that these popular athletes don't fail, forcing her to either quit or pass them for work they never actually did. Neither of these options seemed optimal to her, but she saw no other possible paths ahead of her.

It was when she was at this point, about to give up, when she noticed something that gave her an idea. An unconventional idea, but something she might be able to use nonetheless.

When she sat down at the start of class and unbuttoned her jacket to keep it from bunching up, she noticed several of the students arching their necks while looking at her. She thought this was odd and looked down to see what they were staring at, thinking she must have spilled something on herself or something. Instead she saw that as she fiddled with her jacket it caused her shirt to slide up slightly and open, making quite a lot of her cleavage appear, especially if viewed from a higher angle. That's what they were looking at.

Being that these boys go to school with hundreds of beautiful young girls, many of whom are made to get naked in front of them on a regular basis, Larissa never even thought that they might still be interested in seeing more. Especially from an older woman like herself. This curiosity on their part gave her an idea that soon became a plan and eventually what she called her Incentive Program.

She had to handle the plan carefully and not rush things too quickly. At first she wanted to seed the ground a little and started to make sure her tops were more open and showed lots of cleavage and her skirts were far shorter than she would normally wear while teaching. Basically she dressed for the part her plan was going to have her playing.

She waited for the perfect moment to start her plan, looking for just the right reaction from enough of her students at once. Soon enough, while leaning forward over her desk, she saw it happen. Nearly every boy in the room was staring at her cleavage at the same time. She readied herself and started the act she planned out.

Suddenly looking shocked at the class's reaction and then down at her own nearly exposed breasts and recoiled and pulled her top closed with both hands. She acted aghast at their staring and appeared to stammer when she tried to speak next, as if seriously bothered by these events.

"Is that what you all want?" She finally blurted out. "You obviously don't want to study geography. Or want to pass this class. But I let my guard down a moment and you are all over studying these." On that she squeezed her large breasts through her top as if to emphasize what she was talking about.

Most of the class just shifted uncomfortably in their seats and very few of them even looked at her at this point. A few of the guys had cocky half-smiles on their faces and simply appeared amused by her reaction, but most genuinely seemed uncomfortable by her reaction.

"I give up." She said, raising her hands in the accompanying gesture, before dropping them to her sides. "You guys don't care about the subject, so why should I even try teaching you. We can all just sit here in silence for the hour each day and you can all fail and I can just get fired."

"No." One of the most uncomfortable looking students said. "You can't get fired for that."

"Of course I can." She said, "I was already in enough trouble to get handed this class. If I give up here I'm done. So, since none of you want to learn, I guess I might as well accept it."

"What if there's a way to make it work?" Another boy said, although he didn't look too sure of his words.

She had hoped someone would say something, so the next part of her plan wouldn't appear to come out of nowhere. If she weren't trying so hard to stay in character she would have smiled. "Do you actually think there's some way I could get you all to pay attention and learn? I certainly haven't seen evidence of that yet."

The class again mostly shifted uncomfortably in silence.

"All you seemed to pay attention to was my breasts." She mostly just mumbled to herself.

She then let several things play out on her face, hoping it didn't look too exaggerated. Sadness gave way to a questioning look, then to confusion, then to serious thinking, and finally slight nodded with a resolved appearance. She finally looked up at the class and spoke.

"How about we make a deal?" She said, looking around at the class. "Some kind of Incentive Program to get you guys to do your work."

That suddenly got most of the class's attention, with most of them looking confused as to what she could possibly mean. One of them even stated it outright. "What do you mean?"

"You all seem interested in seeing my tits," She said, "and I'm interested in having you all work hard and pass my class."

"So what?" One of the worst of the boys said, "You gonna show us your tits if we all work hard and pass the class? So not worth it."

"Not at all." She said, shaking her head dismissively. "You are all far too unruly to simply offer you a single thing at the end of the class. This Incentive Program is going to have to have several parts to keep it working. Showing you all my breasts would just be the beginning."

"Like what?" The boy said, now looking interested and smiling slightly.

She shrugged and said, "I'm not sure. I'll have to think about it and get back to you with the whole thing. Do your homework this weekend and I'll bring in the whole list of incentives on Monday, let's see if you actually achieve any of them on the first day."

With that she dismissed the class and felt pretty good about herself. They had listened and paid attention to her as she put on her little show. Perhaps she could get them to actually pay attention to the class material next. She just had to follow through with the plan and see.

When Monday came, she made sure to be in the room before her students arrived so she could watch them and their reactions the whole time. Soon the guys were all making their way in and taking their seats. Some seemed to casually walk in as their usual selves, talking and laughing with each other, but most seemed to quickly find seats and quietly stare up at her waiting for class to start.

Once everyone was present and it was time to start, Professor De Cotis stood up and stepped in front of her desk to talk to the class. "It's time we put our new Incentive Program into effect, but first, let's have everyone hand up their homework," She then walked back and forth in front of the rows collecting papers.

To her surprise nearly everyone had handed in something, and from her casual glances as she took them it looked like they were all attempts at actually doing the homework. She had to admit it was more than she expected and she was impressed. She didn't want to make her final assessment until she actually read them and saw how things went in the future, but she had hope, which was more than she had the week before.

After placing the small stack of papers on her desk she walked over to the rolling chalkboard in the corner and said, "Now let's take a look at the class goals and what each one means. Some of them are for the whole class to achieve, and reap the rewards. Others are individual achievements that each of you have the chance to get personal rewards for."

She then spun the chalkboard around and showed a large list of different things and what each level of reward earned them. The room went silent as the boys all looked over the board closely. Slowly the feeling in the room shifted as they realized everything that was up there and Larissa smiled around at them.

"So," She said, after waiting long enough for them to get through the list. "Now that you've all read what's on the menu, lets see about earning them and get this class started."

Everyone sat up straight and looked right at her, giving her their full attention. Even the biggest troublemakers seemed to be on their best behavior. She couldn't help but smile and think it might actually work.

"Alright, since this is the first day of the program I'm going to be nice. Since nearly all of you turned in your homework I'm going to count that as a success and you win that reward. Next time all of you will actually have to do it, though." She then unbuttoned her shirt and let it flow open, exposing her huge breasts to everyone in the class.

"Now let's talk about the European Union." She said, starting her lesson for the day but not attempting to close her shirt at all.

Over the next few weeks she spent about half the days teaching class with her top open, or even completely off. And it wasn't because they didn't all turn in homework every day, since they didn't actually have homework to turn in every day. Most assignments were given over several days or were done in several parts before they were turned in.

It was three whole weeks before the next big checkpoint was reached and the class had a chance to earn another major incentive. They had their first pop quiz on Friday and some major things were on the line. The class went dead quiet during the test and Larissa just silently sat at her desk and watched them work.

When the class was over one of her students asked, "So did we earn another one?"

Several of the other guys murmured in agreement.

She simply collected the tests and said, "Thank you all for all the hard work you've been doing. I'll grade these over the weekend and on Monday you'll have your answer."

When Monday rolled around the class sat in quiet anticipation until Professor De Cotis walked in. All eyes moved to her as she dropped her things on her desk and turned to speak to the class. "I went over your papers this weekend and graded them as I would any class, not pulling any punches. I then calculated the average and was pleasantly surprised to see that you all did amazing. As such, it appears I owe you another payment."

She then opened her jacket and showed that she was wearing nothing but a garter belt under it. Her naked for was exposed to everyone in the class. There was a cheer among the boys and then they all fell silent again, waiting to see what came next. She dropped the jacket and went about teaching the rest of the class naked, with everyone paying close attention to her.

That was the way things went for the next several weeks. She would occasionally have to flash the class or be topless after they achieved some goal, but they were actually paying attention and learning. At least most of the time.

When one of the boys made some personal achievement—doing exceptionally well on a test or answering some difficult question during a class—she would let them fondle her breasts for a moment or give them a titty-slam to the face (a personal favorite of the class).

Things seemed to be going well for the most part, but as the class started to get used to the status quo, some of them started to let their attention wander. Larissa started to notice that the number of achievements being reached was dwindling along with their attention and worried that things were going to fail after all.

Then something happened on another test that flipped things all around. Surprisingly the whole class did well enough to have an average high that would leave her naked again come Monday. She hoped that would help, but there was one other thing that really made it special and could truly inspire the class to do better as a whole.

When she walked in on Monday, once again just wearing her garter belt, the class cheered as usual. But instead of going right into teaching the class as she normally would, she held up one of the tests and showed it to the entire class. "As you can see, one of you managed to actually get 100% of the questions right. Even the two really tough ones at the end. As our Incentive Program states, that means one of you earned something really special."

Everyone was looking around at each other, hoping to see whoever that was admit it, but nobody seemed to know whose test it was. Instead of one of them knowing who did so well, Professor De Cotis walked up to Nathan and said, "You did amazing on that test Nathan and you earned this. If everyone does as well they could earn this too, and more. Always strive to do better."

She then spun around and took a seat on Nathan's lap. "I will be teaching this next segment of the class from my new seat. I sure hope Nathan does a good job keeping me from sliding off while I talk. Don't be afraid to hold on tight."

She then proceeded to give a short lecture on the topic of the day before moving right into a little worksheet on the subject. She even stayed on Nathan's lap during the worksheet, helping him out here and there since he was having trouble concentrating during her lecture.

That really did seem to do the trick and as the weeks went on the class only seemed to work hard and pay closer attention with each passing class. Larissa found herself naked far more often and even performing more and more for them as they reach numerous group and individual goals. They were on fire and she was loving it.

Her class was loving the new incentive program too, especially when the really high milestones were starting to get reached. The fact that they were getting to see this MILF professor not only get naked but do all sorts of other things—even with some of them—was more than enough to make this their favorite class of all time. Doing the homework and studying was not much of a cost at all.

Had you of asked her when she took over the class if she thought she'd often spend fifteen minutes of her class one day sitting on her desk playing with her self for the entertainment of her students she would have laughed in your face. But here she was doing just that on more than one occasion and enjoying every minute of it.

As the end of the semester approached, it was fairly common to see her giving out an extra special reward to the top student for the day, kneeling on the floor before them in the final moments of the class. She would then proceed to pull out their erect member and suck them dry until the bell rang, dismissing them.

Rarely did the one who won this reward leave class on time, preferring to let her finish before getting up and moving on to their next class. She too had no problem staying as long as it took for them to be satisfied with their reward. They earned it.

Some of the boys even liked her to pull them out of her mouth at the last minute so they could spray all over her face or chest. It really seemed to make them happy to see that and she was more than happy to let them do it however they wanted. It was their reward after all.

Then came Finals Week and everyone suddenly got really serious, as they knew what that meant. The Incentive Program had some very well known secret achievements at the very top of the very end, and only a few of them would be able to win. It was set up that only those with the top grades, best records, and highest achievement levels would qualify and that didn't even guarantee they would win.

As the final days approached she announced the winners and told them what they were going to get. There were three prizes to give out, so three of them had a chance to be chosen. Even though nobody actually knew what the top prizes were, it was pretty well known what they had to be. As they had seen a lot of what came before them, it was pretty clear that only one thing could really be above all that. And they all wanted it. Having been more or less teased by their naked teacher all semester they all wanted to have more and this seemed to be their chance.

Sure enough, when the final tests were over and all that was left was being told the results she came in on the last day without any pretence. Professor De Cotis walked in not only pretty much naked—not even wearing her coat—and not carrying any of her books or papers. She simply walked right in and said, "I think it's time we gave out the final rewards."

"First we have the reward for the most improved." She said as she turned her back on them and bent over her desk. "James, you earned this by going from one of the lowest scoring students with the worst attendance, do being one of my stars. Even almost getting the highest score of the final. So come on up here."

She then slid a yardstick off her desk and side it back between her legs to had it to her student as he walked up to accept his reward. "Since you went from one of the bad kids to one of the best, you get to treat me like I was one of the bad kids and give me a good spanking. You can use this and your hands, so have fun."

She then put her head down and stuck her ass out, bracing for what was to come. He happily took the stick and started swatting at her large round behind. She was letting out little yelps with each stinging smack and he was soon forgoing the stick and just getting in their with his bare hands. Pretty soon her ass was nice and toasty red and his reward was over.

"Good job." She said with a smile and a grimace, as she turned back to face the class. "Now that my behind is all good and sore I think it's time for another person to earn something."

"Next we have the reward for the best overall class score. This is the person who had the highest average score on every test and homework assignment over the semester. Gary, come over here and earn your prize. As you saw, my ass got some serious punishment and now it's your turn to give it some more, but in a different way. Drop your drawers and fill me up."

She then turned and rolled onto her desk, giving him clear access to her bare ass. Gary wasted no time stripping down and moving in to claim his prize. Within moments his hard cock was buried deep in her ass as he started to give her a pounding like a jackhammer.

When Gary finally finished off inside her and slipped back to his seat—eventually being able to get dressed again—Professor De Cotis slid off the desk once more. She was being extra ginger with her movements, making sure to keep from bumping her extremely sore behind.

"Finally we have the winner of the best job on the final." She said, once again facing the class. "This winner will get to go in the one place none of you have yet to breach. They will take a seat in my chair and I will ride them as long as I can."

"So, without further ado, the winner of the grand prize is Dylan." She said, waiving her hand towards her chair. "Strip down Dylan and take your throne."

He nearly flew out of his clothes as he covered the space between his seat and the teacher's chair, his huge hard cock standing up straight once he was there. Larissa moved in between his legs and slowly sat down on his lap, helping to slide his throbbing member into her now soaking wet pussy. He moaned as it went in and she just sat there for a moment to let him feel her.

She then proceeded to bounce up and down—slowly at first, but speeding up as time went on—as well as wiggling and sliding back and forth to give him the most bang for his buck. He did all he could hold off on the end as she did all the work, but it was less than three minutes before he blew his wad and relaxed back into the chair. She didn't stop, however.

Instead she just slowed down and did her best to keep him inside her and she turned to address the rest of the class. "I want you all to know how proud I am of each and every one of you. If you ask me you are all winners in my book. You all did extremely well on the test. Far better than I could have hoped for. And I want you all be proud of yourselves."

"Now I'm going to keep sitting here like this until the bell rings." She said, wiggling on Dylan's semi-hard prick. "but you are all more than welcome to get up and relax yourselves. I still have free hands and a willing mouth if any of you want to be thanked too. And feel free to touch all you want. You earned it."

Looking back on how the semester turned out, Larissa was very proud of what she accomplished and looks forward to seeing if the Incentive Program can work its magic again.
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