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Holiday Events of Central University

Like most colleges, Central University of New Town has a long tradition of sponsoring and supporting numerous holiday events for both any students who stay around campus over the break and for the local community. Some of them are run by the students, without any real help from the school, and others are completely run by the college itself. Mostly they are all about spreading cheer and the holiday spirits in this festive time of year.

Many of the students who stay on campus this season find it fun to dress festively, so people dressed in holiday outfit can be seen all over campus. One sorority even makes it a tradition to replace their usual internal dress code with a Santa Dress Code, where all the girls have to dress in red dresses with white fur around the hems and collars (as seen in the picture above).

The most common of the things is, of course, the Santa Hat. Nearly half the student body is seen wearing these during Christmas week and many wear them for the entire month leading up to it. Even if they are bundling up in heavy coats to ward off the cold or dressing lightly to avoid inspection, they make sure their Santa Hats are a part of the outfit.

Even when an inspection does happen, since the rules don't change during the holidays, the inspectors try to leave a little holiday spirit intact by letting the students keep their Santa Hats and sometimes other non-intrusive holiday accessories (like gloves) if they have any. Some inspectors will even forgo confiscation of holiday wear, even if an infraction is found, taking only the offending articles but leaving the festive ones. This is most common in cases where bras or other undergarments are found. They will take the undergarments and give the festive dress or shirt back.

The school store has special Holiday offers for students throughout the month, offering bonus items (often secret) and reduced prices on holiday related items. There is always something going on at the store throughout the month, but the deals become larger as the holiday approaches.

Some students also participate in holiday related events, such as the annual caroling that takes place at several locations around campus and town. Large groups of students and staff, usually led by members of the music department, gather and then wander around for a couple hours singing holiday songs and spreading cheer. The largest of these takes place on Christmas Eve, starting around 6 PM and wanders out from the campus and along a couple of the residential roads east of the school. It usually lasts for about four hours, finally ending back at the campus gates between 10 and 11. Smaller groups can be found gathering throughout the month, so even those who leave for the holidays can usually get in on at least one of them.

Another popular student event is the large commissary gathering on Christmas day. Starting around 2 in the afternoon, the school supplies a large holiday meal to any students on campus for free. Any student is allowed to eat as much as they want without using any of their food points or money of any kind. Due to this, the commissary has become a large holiday party for the remaining students. There is music being played, games going on, and numerous spur of the moment events happening all day. It's not something to miss if you are without a place to go for the holiday.

There are also large charity donation bins all over campus, especially around the school store, where students can donate any clothing they want to the homeless and needy. It doesn't have to be something they just bought, as they can bring in clothing to donate too. These bins are usually overflowing with clothing from our generous student body by the end of the season.

In addition to the bins, there are donation trees found in several places around campus, where wrapped gifts of toys and other needs can be left for the less fortunate. The tag should read what age group, sex, and style the contents are designed for. This lets them be handed out to the appropriate people, such as toys or clothing going to those who need or would appreciate them most. The drive has been going on for nearly fifteen years now and grown in size every year due to our very generous staff and student body.

Not only is the campus filled with these charity specific trees, but numerous people and groups around campus like to put up decorations of their own. Nearly every sorority and fraternity is made up with trees and lights, many of the school building have their own decorations put up by the students and staff who use them, and even the large open areas of the campus are decorated by different groups as the holidays approach.

It's not unusual to see a student or staff member trimming a tree or putting up festive decorations as you walk around campus. Some of these are organized by certain groups, like the AIYA! Anime club that goes around campus to put up Japanese decorations or the several Jewish groups that make sure Chanukah is represented by putting up related items through their holiday.

The largest of these decorating events is when the school's main Christmas tree goes up in front of the Library out in The Commons. This event is put on by several of the arts groups on campus, who spend all day decorating the tree and stringing the lights. Then, at nightfall, a large number of community and student body members gather to witness the lighting of the tree and sing carols for a couple hours.

Smaller tree lighting and decorating events are also common around campus, especially the ones run by the Fraternities and Sororities, who like to make them into real parties. Most of them even make the decorating of the tree itself a spectacle, rather than just the lighting of it.

Some events even take the students out into the community of New Town, where they can be found spreading the cheer to the people there. Performances of small theater pieces, performance art, musical presentations, or even just being charitable are all common during this season. The people of New Town seem to appreciate everything the student body does and every single one of these events is always packed solid. So much so that many local businesses do anything they can to try and lure some student groups to come have an event at their place.

Even when there are no specific events going on, students of Central U who are out in town will often still spread a little cheer just by being themselves and showing their holiday spirits. Since festive outfits are so common among them, it often brings a smile to the faces of townies just to see them walking around in their Santa hats and elf dresses, Central U students never seem to disappoint when out and about.

This is not to say that the town doesn't have it's own share of events and things going on. The locals are very aware of the fact that many students stay around for the holidays and they cater to them too. You will find many special student offers at most of the retailers and restaurants, as well as special events that students get into for reduced pricing or even free in some cases. There are at least five local places give special deals based on how the customer is dressed, which always seems to favor students. Some of these deals are regular things, but most of them are just for the holidays.

One local department store even does the whole North Pole event with Santa, where you can get your picture taken. Students of Central U get to go in for half price or even free if they agree to certain things, so this has become a common holiday tradition of many students. The pictures of the meetings are also often posted by the students on the commissary wall as the season grows, making a giant mural of Santa photos. This is one of the makeshift traditions that just happened without any real planning, but is now a regular thing.

You will also find a large number of special holiday performances, both on and off campus, put on by students in the various performing arts departments. The school's theaters and halls are always booked with various holiday themed events, ranging from small musical groups to full on stage productions.

There is always at least one group doing A Christmas Carol and numerous musical performances of traditional holiday songs, but what seem to bring the most excitement are all the more creative and original pieces that the students come up with. Performance arts pieces and original holiday plays are often the most popular items through this season. It could be little more than a student wearing giant oversized stockings doing a humorous monologue about what the holidays mean to them, but the heart and originality of it seem to energize the crowd more than anything.

The best part is that most of these performances are free to students. Community members that want to come and join in often have to pay for the privilege, but students are usually free. There are some cases where students only get a highly reduced price, but this is mainly on the large theatrical events or when a popular outside band is brought in for a show, but even these prices are low enough that most students can afford them.

If you want to celebrate the holidays and don't have the ability to get back to your family, you have nothing to worry about as a student of Central University of New Town. There is always something going on and you will always have people to celebrate with, even if you can't afford much. Enjoy the holidays and make sure to make everyone else's as happy as they make yours.

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