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Student Help Guides

New students to Central University of New Town have a lot of questions and seem to have a lot to learn about living on their own, living with others, and dealing with both the freedoms and constraints that college life had in store for them. The offices are flooded with questions and requests for help. The student court system is flooded with minor complaints about basic faux pas caused by new students unfamiliar with how to act.

The school board realized there was no organized place for them to get this information or where they could easily go to ask for help. In response to this they decided to form a new initiative designed to rectify this lack of assistance. In addition to adding a new counseling office in the Office of Student Affairs and starting an outreach program to assist new students both on and coming to campus, they decided to have us start a series of guides to give advice to new students.

If you are new or coming to Central University of New Town and want to learn more about what it takes to live on campus and deal with life at college, feel free to peruse these helpful guides

Student Help Guide Subjects
Public Transportation – New Town has an active and very cost-effective public transportation system you can use.
Roommate Etiquette – There are important things new students should know about being a roommate on campus
Sauna Etiquette – The campus has numerous saunas available to all students and staff, learn how to use then politely.

Is There Something You Want Help With?
If you have an area of life on or around campus that you want some help on, or that you think others would benefit from, talk about it in the forums. Ask questions, make suggestions, and even write your own version of a help guide if you think it would help. We are always looking for new ways to help our students here at Central University of New Town.
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