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Cracked Cheerleader Spotlight Archive

Heather Redgrave (Outtakes)

As the interview was winding down the photographer butted in and asked if Heather would be willing to give them a little something extra for their own collection. The interviewer feigned annoyance with him doing that, but when Heather started to pull up her shirt, showing off her cute tits, he stopped pretending.

She kept smiling and talking to the interviewer, as if this was nothing out of the ordinary, and he tried his best to keep asking pertinent questions through the distraction. She soon pulled off her shirt, fully revealing her bare breasts, and dropped it onto the floor unceremoniously.

The photographer got a number of great shots, which you can see the best ones here, and Heather seemed perfectly comfortable without her top on.

She even picked up her pompoms and did a fake little cheer from her kneeling position. Her tits bounced slightly as she did and her hair flipped around. The interviewer commented on this and Heather actually said, "If you brought a video camera you could catch that too."

It was at this point that the actual interview pretty much broke down as the distraction was too high. He just sat there with his mouth open as she posed and the cameraman took pictures.

When he asked if she wanted him to leave, since he was done asking questions, she said, "Only if you want to. I'm still good here."

The cameraman didn't let the interviewer reply before asking if she'd be willing to lose the skirt too. She smiled and happily stood up to unzip the side and tease them.

Soon the skirt was off, but she was holding it over her front, along with her pompoms, hiding herself from view. She looked like a pro as she teased and finally said, "Glad you chose to stay. I'd hate to have you miss the full show and give me an unfair review."

She then dropped the pompoms and let the skirt fall aside, finally revealing her amazingly well trimmed pussy. She does have one amazing body. You should really see it if you get the chance.

Finally completely naked, standing before the interviewer and the photographer, she dropped down to the bed and gave them one final pose, spreading her legs and showing off everything she had. They just stood there in awe, with ever tightening pants, and she smiled at them.

Standing up, she slipped off the bed and walked over to her huge closet. After going through it she pulled out a couple items of clothing and started to slip them on. This made the interviewer finally realize it was over and thanked her for her time. She shook their hands and led them out of the house.

They then went back to their office on campus and uploaded the pictures, which I then hacked into and chose these great shots from their private collection.

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