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Featured CUNT Cheerleader
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Heather Redgrave – Interview

When I asked Heather Redgrave for permission to interview her, I expected the normal pleasant acceptance we get from all the cheerleaders, but I wasn't expecting to be asked to come to her room to perform it. Most people are a little more protective of their personal space and don't like reporters poking around. Heather, on the other hand, was more than happy to have us come in and not only poke around and ask personal questions, but take pictures while we were there.

The first thing I noticed was how Spartan her room was. She had several things lying around her desk and a couple pictures on the wall, but otherwise it looked more like a temporary motel room than a space someone lived in. When I commented on this she simply said, "Why bother doing much with the room when I'm not in here that often?"

According to her she spends most of her time out practicing, performing at events, hanging with friends, shopping, and participating in lots of local events. She pretty much only sleeps in the room, and even then she doesn't do even that every night. "I often crash at friend's places when we're out doing stuff or hanging out, so I don't even sleep here all the time. It's more of a place to keep the clothes I'm not planning to wear in the next couple days, as I like to keep a few sets in my bag I take with me."

Heather seems to be more of a free spirit than most of her fellow Cheerleader and Sorority sisters, but that doesn't mean she isn't a strong part of the squad. The few teammates I asked said she was a very important part of the squad and could very well take a leadership role if she wanted it. When I asked her about this she said, "That's cool, but I'm not really the leader type. I prefer to do my part and make the team look good, but without the added pressure of being in charge of it all."

While talking about the squad she jumped up on her bed and started to do an impromptu cheer. I made sure my photographer caught some of this. It seemed like it set the mood for the rest of the interview, as she never lost her smile or her bubbly attitude and I have to admit I felt the affect of it too.

I asked about how she got started in cheerleading and she openly admitted that she got into through her popularity in high school. "I never planned on being a cheerleader, but it was what all my popular friends were getting into. It was a whole class position thing, you know? So I went along and become one too, but I actually found out I liked the action of it. It wasn't just to keep my popularity in the end. So when I came here I wanted to get right back into it, even if I could have been popular elsewhere."

As some of you may know, Heather was one of the girls that were featured in the final Baseball game of last season. The three of them came out and did their own featured routine during the 7th Inning Stretch. It was a great honor for any Cheerleader to get singled out like that, but remained humble. "Yeah, it was an honor and all, but it was luck really. The coach took eight of us aside and said he couldn't decide which three of us to choose as we all deserved it. So we had a little contest and I was lucky enough to come in third. That's all it was, really."

I didn't want to just ask her about her cheering, so I tried to talk about her about school, but she hasn't even decided on a major yet, even though she's a Junior. She has it narrowed down to two or three close ones, but she didn't seem that concerned with it. So I realized I had to try a different tack.

I moved onto her other interests and it seems like Heather is really into fashion and shopping. She follows some of the big designers and loves to watch runway shows, even going to many of the practice ones here on campus. This is when she opens her closet and shows us how she has a huge collection of clothes filling the whole thing. "And this is just the tops and dresses that are legal to wear here. I also have tons more at home with my parents that I don't even bother to bring here. I love this stuff."

She then went on about how there are some good places to shop around here, even when you are looking for a good deal. She raves about Toplander's sales and the selection of shoes down at Footsies. She also talked about several of the boutiques around town and how each one is good for certain things. I won't bore you readers with the details, but if you care I am certain Heather would be happy to talk about it.

Her skill on the field is more than enough to deserve this spotlight, but out of all the cheerleaders I've interviewed her great attitude pushes her over the top. When I left the room after we finished talking and taking photos, I couldn't stop myself from smiling for quite a while.

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