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Cracked Student Spotlight Archive

Emily Olsen – Nursing Student (Outtakes)

So, the interview ended abruptly when Emily told the interviewer that she's like to show them what kinds of things she could do to make people feel better. Within seconds she had unzipped her nurse's uniform and opened it, revealing her naked form, except for the stethoscope dangling from her neck. They were able to snap one more picture before they were taken in and shown the real talents of Emily Olsen, Head Nurse.

Although the camera was silenced, the recorder the interviewer was using to tape the answers remained on, so I was able to find that file and listen to the hot action that followed. Some of it was hard to decipher, since there was no image to associate with it, but all of it was sexual. That part was certain.

At first it was pretty obvious that Emily dropped to her knees and pulled down the pants of the reporter, since he was still able to talk and moan clearly as she started licking sucking his cock. Her occasional vocalization was muffled or gagged, so it wasn't hard to guess this much. He lasted pretty well, but not as long as he had hoped, before he blew and she sounded like she finished lapping it up before moving to another position.

She asked him, "You got part of the head nurse experience, it's time to give back to earn the next part."

He gladly started to return the favor and licked her pussy. Again the sounds and muffled vocalizations from him told the story. She was happy to moan in pleasure as he worked, but it wasn't clear if she was faking at all or not.

After a good while they started to actually screw on the medical table, but that's when the recording ended. It sounded like it got knocked on the floor and that stopped it. So I can't report on how long this post-interview went on, but it didn't sound like it was going to end any time soon.

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