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Student Spotlight Archive

Emily Olsen – Nursing Student

Emily Olsen came to Central U nearly four years ago to pursue her dreams of being a dancer. She started taking her classes and moving up through the usual chain of classes for that area of study. Although her main area of study was dance, she had to take classes outside of her chosen field to fulfill her requirements. That was when Emily discovered her real calling.

She started out just taking a basic biology class, which was designed as an first year class for medical students, and discovered that she had a knack for biology. Although still perusing dance at the time, she took more classes in the medical line and soon discovered that she liked the idea of helping people and working in the medical profession better than dancing.

By the end of her sophomore year, Emily had dropped her dance studies and moved completely into her medical track. After taking all the basic classes, she zeroed in on what she wanted to do, which was become a nurse. She worked hard and moved up with high marks. She was always one of the best in her classes and when she moved into her hands-on studies at the campus' Elizabeth Grace Neill Medical Center.

Her studies had proven to be even more effective and popular at the center and soon she was one of the most asked for house call nurses on the staff. By the start of her senior year she was made the head nurse of her class. That puts her rank above many of the professional nurses on staff, only surpassed by the staff's professional head nurses and upper medical staff.

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Even though she was so serious about her medical studies and worked hard to move up and remain at the head of her classes, she never lost her sense of fun. This aspect may be what made her so popular with both the staff and student body in need of medical care. She made it nice for her patients, so it didn't feel so mechanical and antiseptic. She even has certain techniques she uses to make her patients feel more comfortable, like testing her stethoscope temperature on herself before using it on the skin of a patent.

She still liked to go out with friends and dance at the clubs or go the beach in the summer, but her days of studying dance were behind her. Now in her senior year she is finishing up her nursing studies and will either move up to advanced studies at a teaching hospital (possibly here at the Elizabeth Grace Neill Medical Center) or get hired on at a private medical center as a working nurse.

For now she's happy working at the school and holding the position of head nurse of students. When asked about her future she simply said, "I will keep helping people and making them feel better."

When I interviewed her for this spotlight she was quite pleasant to work with and was more than happy to pose for a few pictures while I asked questions. I can tell you first hand why so many people, students and staff alike, think so highly of Emily Olsen and why she was chosen for this spotlight.

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