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Costume Contest Winners: Third Place Uncensored

The photo shoot was done over by the old storage shack out by the farming center, which is rather secluded compared to where some of these shoots have been done. As such, they were mostly alone out there the whole time. This lead to Linda being a lot more comfortable than some of the other girls being shot for the profiles, which also meant she was more open to doing things others might not.

Even though she never showed it on stage, when asked by the photographer if she was "code friendly" under the skirt, she answered by lifting the skirt and showing him her beautiful little shaved pussy. He couldn't help but snap a picture. She also slide down the wall a little to better spread her legs while doing it and he got an even better shot.

Since she didn't seem nervous at all, he asked if he could get a fer "personal" shots for himself up closer and she happily kept spread and let him move it to get these really nice shots of her standing there with spread legs and completely on display. She even reached down and spread her own lips a little to give him a more "in-depth" shot, if he wanted it. He did not hesitate to take it.

She was very playful with him and didn't even ask or beg for him not to share the images she was posing for, but since she didn't show these things on stage he decided to keep them out of the official record. As with some of the other images, he did pass these onto me to share without me having to sneak in and take them.

Towards the end of the shoot she bend forward and asked if he wanted a few shots like this for his private collection, and he again did not hesitate to take her up on the offer. He even moved in closer again to get some really nice shots of her pussy between her legs from behind. As you can see from them, he had a great model to shoot and had a lot of fun doing it.

What the images don't share is what happened after he finished. From what I gathered, the two of them spent more than an hour out there shooting what took about twenty minutes to shoot. The rest of the time was spent using something other than a camera to explore her outfit and beautiful body... Not that I wouldn't have if I had the chance.

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