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Costume Contest Winners: Third Place

Linda has always been a fan of elves, even reading Elf Quest comics as a kid and loving how they were portrayed in the Lord of the Rings movies. She even has Elf ears she had made that she wears randomly from time to time for her own amusement. So it was no surprise to anyone who knew her that she was going to be an Elf for Halloween. It was the rest of the costume that they weren't sure around.

She had the metal pieces made by a friend in the art department, but the rest of the work was done by her own hand. Not that there was really much to the rest of the outfit. Mostly it was pieces of leather she attached the metal pieces to.

The skirt is made from a single wrap of leather that uses metal hooks and string to hold it together in the back. It is then covered with nearly 300 scales, riveted to the leather in a staggered overlapping pattern. She made to keep them just far enough from the edges so that even if she bent over they would be turned away from her skin, rather than poking into them. She says it took her more than three hours to attach them all to the skirt.

The lacing on the back is also adjustable, but the looser it's made, the more skin can be seen between the laces. Linda made it so that she wouldn't have to show almost any, due to the small overlap, when it was on correctly. When doing her display on stage she had the skirt slightly tighter than she did for the shoot, which is why it seems to have a small gap in these images.

TruthGirl Was Here
The top is made from two metal cups, carefully crafted to fit her breasts, attached to five leather bands with small rivets. Four of the bands criss-cross the back, attaching in the middle with adjustable buckles, to hold the top on, while the fifth, and smaller, band connects the two cups between the breasts.

She also had a rather detailed story about this Elf character she was portraying. She said her name was Kin'awan of the Nawani tribe. They lived in tree villages high in the branches of the Fendorin Forest. She wan an honored guard and warrior of her people, having eared the right to come and represent her people at the show. I guess we were honored to have her at our photo shoot too.

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