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Costume Contest Winners: Tenth Place Uncensored

Her shoot started out being about the costume itself, but the camera man asked her to perform just as she did on stage, so they could make it match as much as possible with what they judges saw. These first two shots were from that part of the shoot.

Just as on stage she pulled the cups of her top to the sides and exposed the full beauty of her bare breasts. I mean, seriously, look at those amazing tits and gorgeous nipples. She also let her wrap ride up and spread her legs to show off what was hidden below it. This was done both from the front and from the back while bending over.

That was all she showed on stage, but the photographer wanted more. He suggested she got wetted down to make her skin glisten and look more sensual. She wasn't really into it at first, but he insisted. She tried to argue that it could ruin her costume, since the fabric wasn't made for water wear, but he had a solution for that too. She agreed to take it off and jumped into the lake before finishing up her shoot naked.

Once she was undressed she seemed more willing to pose in all sorts of questionable ways. She even openly spread her legs, as well as using her fingers to spread the lips of her luscious little pussy. If I was there I would have had trouble not jumping in there and eating her on the spot.

Once the shoot was done, she wasn't able to dry off right away, so she couldn't put her clothes back on without risking them. Instead, she rode back with the camera crew naked in their car and I heard she bribed them with certain acts to keep them from posing any of the naked pictures. It seems this has to be true, as they didn't post any of these pictures. Luckily I wasn't part of that deal and I could post them here. I hope you enjoyed.

If, in the future, she wants to try and bribe me with certain acts to keep me from doing things I would let her try. She could lick my slit as much as she wants, any time. Not saying I would keep any secrets because she did, as that would go against everything I tend to expound, but I certainly wouldn't stop her from trying. I would even happily do her in return.

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