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Costume Contest Winners: Sixth Place

Although of only half-Indian decent, Inara decided that her costume should be one that reflected that heritage. Although not representative of any specific god, she wanted to show respect for them by appearing as one of them in style. The headdress and open legged pants were authentic Indian designs given to her by her mother. The jewelry was a collection of things she gathered over the years that felt right or were purchased from Indian designers.

Although she could have made a matching top, she decided to keep with the traditional look for most Hindu gods and go without one. She said it was hard at first, but in the end it was a better choice for the costume, and the judges seemed to agree.

The photo shoot was an easy one to do, since all we needed was a simple colorful background and her to show up in costume. It then only took a few minutes to get the shots we needed and she was on her way again. It had of been the easiest of the all shoots we did.

To truly capture one element of the Hundi gods that she wasn't able to pulll off on stage, she asked if she could have one special shot taken. We agreed and let her bring two of her friends out to help. They sat behind her and used their hands to give the appearance of her being a multi-armed goddess. As you can see the shot was well worth the extra work.

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