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Costume Contest Winners: Seventh Place Uncensored

Amanda really put a lot of work into her costume, but I have to say she seemed to put a lot of work into her body as well. She was in fairly good shape and obviously took care of her health in the weeks leading up to the show. She also made sure her skin was smooth and clear of all hairs below the neck, giving her warrior a perfect battle-ready appearance. The final touch she did was making sure her make-up was simple but beautiful, so it only accented her look.

All in all, I have to say she looked good with or without her costume in place. These pictures will show what I mean, even though she didn't show this much this clearly on stage.

The photographer was able to get her to pose in all sorts of other positions that had nothing to do with her appearance on stage. She happily posed in any way he wanted, even when her legs ended up spread wide and displaying the full beauty of her bald pussy. She really didn't seem to have any shame about it at all.

In the end, however, the editors decided they should stick to the shots that reflected the performance she did on stage. Especially since her performance on stage already showed an awful lot of her body as it was. I just couldn't leave it there and let these beautiful shots go unseen.

Last modified on 2014/5/31 by TruthGirl
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