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Costume Contest Winners: Seventh Place

When Amanda first showed up backstage, the organizing judges weren't sure her whole costume present yet. It wasn't until she stepped up to sign in and explained things that they got it. She said she was a barbarian warrior and they believed that less encumbrance was better in the heat of battle. Her outfit reflected this by only having decorated shoulders and a waistband for attaching things to, like her dagger and the ceremonial wrap.

The shoulders were made of black feathers attached to a simple latticework and the belt and arm guards were of strong leather. The wrap was a nicer black silky fabric and acted much like a loincloth covered when set into place. She also had some "tattoos" painted down her back in a tribal winged pattern. Topping the whole thing off were a few decorations, like the headdress and bracelets.

The crowning jewel of the outfit was the high quality steel bladed sword she carried. The blade was crafted with serrated notches down the sides and a slightly shaped tip for maximum damage. The hilt had a twisted pommel to protect the hands and highly detailed demon head design at the base. When asked, she said she purchased it from a master weapon smith who let her choose some of the finer touches of the design.

According to her, when talking about her character, the sword once belonged to the barbarian god Haktet and has been handed down through his bloodline ever since. She is the last of the line and defender of her horde. According to legend, she will be the one who brings their power crashing down across their enemies for the last time, wiping them from the fields of Galthor.

TruthGirl Was Here
As was fairly common with most of the higher winners of the contest, it wasn't just an amazing costume that garnered them their place, but the well thought out and detailed story about their costume and the character they represented. Amanda was one of the few that seemed to go the extra mile with her level of detail for the character she was portraying. Pinna, the Barbarian Queen, had a whole world of details surrounding her.

The braided metal headpiece she wore was the symbol of female power for her people, representing the goddess Rohant. The larger of the two knives she carried on her hip was used less for combat and more for the quick kills in silent precision. She would be able to pull it out quickly and end an unsuspecting enemy's life in mere seconds. The smaller of them was simply a tool for daily use.

Most of her on stage presentation was spent performing combat moves and yelling the battle cries of her people. She showed fairly good grace and power in her demonstration, although did have to cut her waistcloth free to do the larger kicks toward the end. When finished with the physical performance, she sat down near the judges and told them the story of her horde and her character.

We just hope that our collection of images here was able to capture the feel of what she showed on stage. As with several of the shoots, we used one of the theater department's standing sets as the background for her, thinking it best fit the characters and style of the costume. I hope you all agree.

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