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Costume Contest Winners: Ninth Place

What you see here is not the costume she appeared in on stage. Unfortunately she couldn't appear for the photo shoot in the same costume since it was all but completely destroyed during her performance on stage before the judges. Plus, parts of her costume are still most likely in the possession of at least a couple of the judges. This means you'll just have to image the full costume on her in these pictures as she poses as she would if she was wearing it.

The main body of the costume consisted of a short blue dress, much shorter than the one worn by the actual doll. Her version barely came down to touch the top of her thighs and had many ruffles around the edges to make the hem flair out wider. The top was low cut to show some cleavage and had very short ruffled sleeves around her shoulders. Worn over the front of the dress was a small white apron that didn't cover anything the dress wasn't already covering.

The hat/wig combination is part of the original costume and was left on during the whole show, even after the dress was removed. She also wore the cute striped stockings and the nice black heels the whole time too. When seen in combination with the dress and apron, it was the perfect embodiment of the childhood cartoon character come to life... if they also grew up and went super sexy when they did. Nobody complained about their youth being ruined by her look

While doing her stage performance she was happy to spin around and even lean forward while facing away to give everyone a quick peek of the bottom of her bare behind under the hem of the skirt. She didn't seem to have any sense of shyness while she posed for the judges and worked the crowd. I swear she even flipped up the skirt a couple times while doing it. You'll just have to imagine how sexy that would look when you look at these pictures.

It was at this point in the show when one of the judges asked if her costume was just a cool costume or if it was actually school dress code legal. She wasn't sure how to answer and the judge had to elaborate that the dress and the apron would both count as dresses if worn separately. If they were sewn together, they could technically count as one piece, otherwise the costume would be layering and break the rules. She pulled off the apron and showed that they were separate. She then pulled off the dress and asked them which one she should wear when she can only wear one.

They unanimously went for the apron, so she put that one back on and tossed them the dress. The apron barely covered her pussy and didn't really cover her breasts at all, although if she stood still she could get the straps to cover her nipples. There was no way she was going to stand still though.

Instead of trying to keep covered with her one piece left she sat on the judges' table and spread her legs, letting the apron ride up and expose her fully. She then started to play with herself for them and asked if any of them wanted to help her out of the apron while she did it. There was no shortage of help as she was soon naked again, but she just kept playing with herself while they watched. To tell the truth, they did a little more than just watch, but it was all at her urging.

Since she did all that on stage the photographer thought it was only fair that she repeated it for her shots. She seemed more than happy to oblige again.

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