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Costume Contest Winners: Fourth Place

It might have just been a coincidence, but when Tara walked out onto the stage and swept her staff before her a cool wind passed through the field. She then introduced herself as Catriana, Winter Mage of the Order of Merlin and bearer of the Staff of Arctical. She then swept across the stage with an air of grace and power, standing before the judges with her staff pointed at them.

"I come here to stake my claim to the prize." She demanded of them, staying in character.

They seemed shocked at first by her attitude, but they soon realized it was all part of her act.

She squatted down before them and held up her staff before her. The new posture caused her outfit to shift slightly and her breasts were suddenly on display, but she acted like she didn't even notice. Holding the staff up she chanted something and tossed something up around it. White flakes seemed to explode from it and snowed down around her.

Lowering her staff and saying something to honor the powers of winter, she ended her presentation and waited for questions from the judges. They seemed rather impressed with her little show, but still wanted to know more about the costume itself..

She told then about how she made the robe herself, using a mix of materials she had gathered over a couple months. The majority of it was made of a red velvet-like material. It was very soft and flowed nicely, even though it felt a little thick in places. Certain trim, details, and corset of it were made from a faux black leather. Strips of a fine black sheer fabric was also added to accent the flow of the gown.

The staff was actually made from an old rake handle with the rake part removed. The head of the staff was made from a mix of wires wrapped in a lot of electrical tape. This allowed her to make the intricate swirling designs of the head. She also wrapped the handle in tape to give it a more uniform look and then painted the whole thing to have just right appearance.

TruthGirl Was Here
When contacted for the photo shoot she suggested that it be held in the basement of the mathematics building, saying there was a room being refurbished that would work well for the cool but earthy feel of her character. We agreed and met her there. She was already in costume and was happy to pose for us.

She asked them for a favor, since there was no way to catch her stage magic theatrics on camera and have it look good. They agreed to add some photoshop trickery to some of them to give them that extra wintery magic feel.

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