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Costume Contest Winners: First Place

The winner of the contest was Judith, dressed as warrior woman. Her story was one of being a high guard to the royal seat of the Sea King of the Western Coastal Kingdom. She had represented her kingdom with honor and was blessed with one of the great swords as a boon for her service. She is one of twelve such women who work directly for the king and stand at his side to defend the honor of the kingdom. Her outfit the uniform of that position.

She came out on stage, radiating an aura of power and strength, and started to pose in many military and battle stances, mostly demonstrating her skill with the sword, Dragon's Bane. She then laid the sword on the stage before the judges and moved on to display the uniform itself.

The fine blue fabric of the uniform was slightly see-through and light enough to flow fluidly with every movement. She made it herself, creating a small dual-layered loincloth and a loose flowing top. The top was made to hang open and flow over and around her breasts to keep them covered, no matter the movements she makes. It connects around her using a simple set of fine strings tied behind her.

The loincloth was made to be shorter in the front, only hanging down to about mid thigh, and nearly to the ground as a loop in the back. It tied on both sides, connecting front and back with thin strings. Both the top and bottom are trimmed with a patterned gold strip from edge to edge along the bottom of each piece.

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In addition to the blue uniform parts, Judith also had metal lower arm and leg pieces made, with black leather insides to feel nice against her skin. The metal was etched and detailed with patterns of royal design.

She also found a nice baroque necklace in a local shop several months ago and reworked it into fancy headpiece to top off the look of her uniform. The central piece of the necklace now sits in the center of her forehead.

The final touch of her outfit was the subtle make-up she did, mostly around her eyes. Even the design along her left eye had a whole story behind them.

All in all she was a dream to deal with and was more than happy to recreate her presentation on one of the stages in the theater department for our photo shoot. She went well above and beyond what we expected, even telling us more of her character's story than she told the judges. It was pretty clear why she won the whole contest.

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