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Costume Contest Winners: Fifth Place Uncensored

When Bryci first came down for the shoot she was already sans-white dress and they had to actually get her to put it back on, since they wanted to capture the whole of what appeared on stage. They didn't have her keep it on too long though, since what they really wanted to see was what we all wanted to see. Her amazing breasts.

Luckily she was comfortable enough at home to accept the suggestion that she might try a few shots without the waist piece on. She slipped it off and gave everyone a clear shot of her beautiful behind, pulling the cape aside, before moving around to let them see the rest of what she exposed by removing it. Nobody in the room was disappointed and I certainly hope none of you are now that I'm sharing their private photos with you.

The only other change between what she looked like in these photos and how she looked on stage was that her make-up wasn't nearly as detailed as it had been. Her eyes still had the nice general shape and dark color, but other than that she hadn't bothered with any of the gold trim or face powder she used before. Nobody seemed to ask about it, as I doubt they were looking at her face, but I'm a girl and I notice these things.

After posing a little bit, mostly showing off her great ass, she sat down and started to do some more casual looking poses on the ground. She was lying on her cape the whole time, using it to keep the cold floor was touching her bare skin. They guys dong the shoot didn't seem to care how she posed as long as they could draw out the shoot as long as possible with her in this state of undress. I don't blame them.

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