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Costume Contest Winners: Eighth Place Uncensored

In this modern age of digital cameras, Patty was able to see the photos they took on the set right after they shot them. She was horrified to see that some of them revealed more than she had wanted to show in the shoot. One clearly showed her exposed breasts, nipples and all, and not just the curves of their edges. She also noticed that her loincloth shifted and instead of covering her it was wide open in the front as she sat and squatted before them.

She asked them to delete the photos and not let them out. They said they had no reason to do that since she already posed for them and agreed to the shoot. That was when she started trying to beg them and even bribe them into not showing them. At first it was just begging and the offering of help with class work or other favors. None of those little things actually helped change their mind.

She knew what she had to do next, so she offered them something more primal and tribal. She said she would blow every guy in the room and happily eat out the one girl present is they would just delete them and let her shoot less revealing ones instead. They still did not agree to those, especially the part about deleting the images. They said that even if they did agree not to use them, they would want to keep them for their private collection.

She finally made her final offer, letting them keep the pictures as long as they didn't publish them, and they accepted. She would shoot all new pictures to be used, replacing the old ones, and would get to approve all of them before they were used. She would then spend the next hour as their personal servant, doing anything the group wanted during that time (as long as none of it was going to be recorded and they didn't leave the theater).

Although the details are sketchy, I know she started that hour doing a private show for them, doing a strip tease and playing with herself. I do know she did end up performing some kind of sexual act with every member of the whole crew, but what she specifically did with each of them is unknown. There are some things I can't hack and the memories of people is one of them. Since nothing was recorded or talked about elsewhere, I have no way of getting to that information.

At least we have these pictures to see what she didn't want to be seen. I'm sure glad we do, because they are sure worth seeing. Wouldn't you all agree?

Last modified on 2014/5/31 by TruthGirl
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