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Costume Contest Winners: Eighth Place

When the short and curvy Patricia hit the stage in her hand-made Native American Indian outfit she was an instant hit. She danced around a little bit, like she was performing some kind of rain dance or something, before starting her presentation of the costume and persona.

The only part she didn't make was the boots, which were purchased immediately when she saw them because they would work perfectly with this outfit. The skirt is a wide loincloth made of soft leather and carefully fringed and decorated along the hem and waist. The waist is tied off with thin leather strips on the sides of her hips, keeping her well covered in front and back. The top is made from the same soft leather and formed into a simple vest with similar fringed edges and decorations. Topping it all off is a simple headband with a single feather standing up from it.

Although the vest can be tied off near the neck, Patricia never bothered to put that tie into place for the show. This allowed the top to hang open in a certain way that showed off the curves of her amazing large breasts. It was far more apparent when she danced around than when she sat cross-legged on the stage, since her breasts were also bouncing around quite a bit too. It was hard not to keep your eyes glued to her as she was a great dancer.

That was all part of her performance as the Little Indian Girl. She would alternate between sitting Indian Style and explaining herself and her costume and dancing around doing her rendition of different stereotypical Native American chants and war cries. Most people noted that her dancing was less tribal and more disco, but nobody was complaining as she shook her perfectly formed booty on the stage.

TruthGirl Was Here
When her few minutes on stage grew to a close she squatted down near the judges table and talked to them directly, answering any questions and seeing if they had any final requests. They asked for a few details about the costume and what went into what it took to make it. They also asked her to do a few final cries and tribal presentations up close. She happily obliged them and ended her show on the stage. When called back out as one of the final ten, she was the most surprised of the group.

When preparing for the photo shoot, the crew thought the set they had on the practice stage in the theater department was perfect for it. She agreed and enjoyed sharing with us on the set.

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