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Halloween Costume Contest Winners

This year's official campus Halloween Costume Contest has shown us the best crop of costumes yet. Everyone who made it to the stage should be more than proud of what they accomplished, but our judges had to choose ten who stood above the rest for quality, originality, and overall look. Here we present the winners. Just click on each one to see the special photo shoot of their costumes and learn a little more about them.

Tenth Place:
Cave Woman

Hailing from the stone age, our tenth place winner is Wendy, clad in her Cave Woman loincloth and top.

Ninth Place:
Raggedy Ann

Straight from the toy box, our ninth place winner is Sarah, dressed as the beloved character of her youth.

Eighth Place:
Indian Girl

In from the high plains, our eighth place winner is Patricia, wearing buckskins and a feather of the natives.

Seventh Place
Barbarian Girl

Straight from the heat of battle, our seventh place winner is Amanda, clad in black and carrying her sword.

Sixth Place:
Hindu Goddess

She came from one of the higher planes, our sixth place winner is Inara, wearing the make-up and garb of the highest of the high among the Hindu gods.

Fifth Place:
Egyptian Queen

Right off the River Nile, our fifth place winner is Bryci, dressed in the pristine robes of a high priestess and clad in the gold of the pharaohs themselves.

Fourth Place:
Red Mage

Shifting in from the mystic planes, our fourth place winner is Tara, clad in the red robes of the order of Merlin, keepers of arcane arts and the golden sigil.

Third Place:
Elf Girl

Down from the high trees of her village in the Fendorin Forest, our third place winner is Linda, dressed in the simple armor of her tribe's sleek warriors and displaying her long pointed ears proudly. The elven members of her tribe are most proud of her gaining such an honor as this.

Second Place:
Painted Fairy

Just in from a group circle in the woods, our second place winner is Amber, dressed only in the glittery make-up of her wild woodland kin and donning the bright fluttering wings on her back. She is a fae of the most enticing manner and worthy of her high standing in the contest.

First Place:
Warrior Woman

After representing her kingdom with honor for several years, our first place winner is Judith, donning the sleek blue battle gown of the high guard of the western coastal sea king. Her head brimmed with a band of gold and bearing the magical sword known only as Dragon's Bane, she stands proud at the side of her king and ready to defend the honor of the kingdom. Today she did them proud by winning this contest and showing them how it can be done.

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