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The Groping Booth

When Sophomore Nell Boonsford was brought before the court it sounded like a simple case of someone going overboard, either a freaked out freshmen not used to the rules about touching or Nell herself getting a little carried away. Nobody expected the case to become much from the description in the schedule, but when it came up everyone got a big surprise. Innocent seeming little Nell was found extremely guilty (and didn't even try very hard to defend herself against it) of doing a lot more than simply going a little overboard while groping Colleen Lumply. Before Colleen was able to get her to stop—by calling an inspector over for help—Nell had removed Colleen's shirt and had her hand pumping hard in and out of her pussy.

If Colleen had wanted to, she could have easily got Nell thrown out on charges of sexual assault, but she decided that only going after an extreme violation of the allowed touching rules was all that was needed. She had no further malice against Nell, but wanted to see her punished for going too far. The school could have pursued the larger charges if they chose, but differed to the harmed person in this case and let it go.

What made the court case such a spectacle was not the clear statement of the charges, but the extremely graphic nature the reenactments took during the hearing. Nell was made to act out her version of the story—which was still more than the school rules about touching would allow—followed by acting out Colleen's version of the events—which was even more graphic. Both girls seemed warn out by the end of the demonstrations, but when called in to chambers to examine the evidence both girls willingly went in and did what was asked of them in there.

In the end, Nell was found extremely guilty and the Judge gave her three options. One was to be stripped naked and painted with a sign telling people to grope her at will. She would have to remain like that for a full week and wouldn't be allowed to hide in her room or other private locations during daylight hours.

The second was to become the sexual plaything of Colleen, allowing her to exact any kind of revenge (other than actual physical harm) on her for two hours one evening. Colleen would even be allowed to have one male friend join in, if she felt she needed that kind of help.

Nell chose option three, which was the introduction of a new standard punishment they have set up for infractions of the touching rules. The school is calling it "The Groping Booth". Nell was told to show up at a public lot near the city center (a few blocks off campus), where a representative of the school journalism department was going to be to cover the punishment. What she wasn't expecting were several camera people and a reporter holding a microphone to interview her.

The interviewer called Nell over and showed her the booth and asked her about her feelings on it, making sure every moment of it was caught on film by her crew. Nell's reaction was most important to the story and the use of the booth as a deterrent in the future. Nell was told that she was going to be stripped naked and placed inside the booth. It was then going to be locked and she was going to be left in there for four hours. After two hours she would be allowed out to use the restroom (if she needed it), but then she would go right back in to finish her time. While in the booth, the public would be allowed to reach into the booth and touch and grope her however they wanted. After four hours she would be let out and allowed to dress, having fulfilled her punishment.

According to the interview—which was aired on the school's court webcast—Nell was having second thoughts about choosing this punishment. She admitted to not having fully understood what it meant and thought she should have taken the two-hour enslavement to Colleen instead. Unfortunately for her that was off the table by this point and Nell had to go through with the booth.

"The Groping Booth" is a tall square wooden booth (about three feet by three feet by seven feet) that is painted in the school colors and topped with a large school crest so that everyone can see it from blocks away. At several locations along the sides of the booth are round holes with rubber cuffs fitted into them. These holes are at various heights and locations, making no place inside the booth outside of their reach. The rubber cuffs serve several purposes, not the least of which is block anyone from seeing in or out of the holes, but moving aside easily when someone reaches through with their arm. They also serve to help protect those reaching through the holes from scraping their arms on the wooden edges of the both.

Having stripped down and handed her clothing to the reporter running the punishment for the court, Nell stepped into the booth and prepared to start her punishment. Before the door was closed the camera crew wanted to get a couple shots of Nell standing in the booth from a good angle—since all they would be able to get later on was from the top mounted cam or holding their DSLRs over the top edge at odd angles. This shows you just how cramped the inside of the booth was and how there was nowhere Nell could stand to get away from any of the hands that came into the booth.

They also asked one of the bystanders to demonstrate how the booth will look when in use while they had this good shot. The young girl they asked stepped up and was told to choose a hole to reach through and grope Nell for the camera. The girl reached through one of the lower holes—on the opposite side from the door—and grabbed her ass. Because of the camera angle they couldn't get a shot of this and told Nell she had to spread her legs while in the booth, so people would have full access to her whole body. As soon as Nell did, the girl reached between her legs and started to rub her pussy—which the cameraman was more than willing to get a shot of.

With these demonstration shots over with the door was closed and locked, leaving Nell alone in the booth and open for public touching. The girl who helped with the demo shots didn't move and kept her arm on Nell for a while longer, which only helped to bring others over to partake as well. You do need someone to break the ice on things like this, after all.

As the time went on, more and more hands came into the booth and took their turns groping and touching Nell as she stood in the booth. There was nowhere she could go—even though she tried to back away into a corner more than once—and didn't have a single moment of peace, as there was always somebody touching her. Usually more than one.

The local girl who volunteered at the beginning for the practice shots came back a little while later to take another turn. This time the reporter took a moment to interview her about her thoughts on the punishment. Turns out the girl was a high school senior at New Town High who has aspirations to go to Central U when she graduates. She thought the punishment was "Awesome" and stated that she couldn't wait to see more of them when she was on campus. She then stepped over to the booth to get another go at Nell.

When asked what she wanted to do this time, the girl said, "I want to get inside that sweet little pussy of hers. I bet it's all nice and juicy by now."

The cameraman couldn't help but shove the lens of his camera through the opposite hole and take a couple shot of what happened next. As you can see, the girl's finger went right up inside Nell's snatch and started to work her hard. Nell found it hard to keep standing still and had to lean on the side of the booth for support as the girl drove her to orgasm loudly in the booth. Her cries of pleasure only seemed to draw more people to the booth and gave more of them the idea that going further with the touching was actually allowed. The girl again seemed to the one who break the ice on a whole new wave of groping for Nell.

Over the last two hours of the scheduled punishment, Nell had even more hands on (and in) her than ever before during the punishment. There was actually a line of people waiting for their turn to get their hands on her and the reporter running the event had to start limiting people's time at the booth. Nell was also driven to the point of orgasm four more times—mostly by girls—before the people were told to step back so she could be let out.

The whole experience seemed totally exhausting for Nell, but seemed to be a huge success for the school—as they said they had plans for more of these booths to be placed around town and on campus for use as punishments and special fundraiser events. This was only the beginning for the booth, even if it was over for Nell (at least this time).

When the door was finally unlocked and Nell was let out, the reporter was shocked to see her on her knees and picking up a number of things off the floor. When she stood back up they could clearly see it was a wad of bills. Nell no longer seemed upset or even that beat by the experience. Instead she had a smile on her tired face. When the reporter asked her about her final thoughts on the punishment, Nell said, "If I had known I would get tipped for choosing this punishment, I would never have grumbled about it. I can use this money."

On that Nell stepped out of the booth and grabbed her purse from the reporter, shoving the cash into it. Once it was secured away she finally dressed and made her way home from the scene. The fact that a group of people were watching her do all—while she was still naked and had her own juices dribbling down her legs—didn't even seem to cross her mind.

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