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Lisa's First Inspection

It was a little cool this morning and threatened to rain, so Lisa put on jean skirt that nearly went down to her knees and a long sleeve fuzzy sweater blouse, which was still short enough to show off her belly button. Combined with the knee-high socks and hat, she was pretty warm and covered today, but still looking cute at can be. The day started out normal, sitting through a couple morning classes and then heading over to the commissary to meet up with Kimmy for lunch. That was when things went down hill.

It all started when the rain started. Lisa hunched, pulling her sweater as tight around her as possible, and rushed quickly towards Terrance Square, trying to keep as dry as possible.

It was because of all this that she didn't hear the first call for her to stop. The second call was not as pleasant and took her by surprise.

"I SAID STOP, NOW!" Screamed the angry voice.

Lisa stumbled slightly and stopped, looking around to see who was yelling. An upset looking man dressed in a security uniform was rushing towards her. She was shocked to see him focused on her.

"What's wrong?" She asks, "Did I drop something?"

He comes to a halt about five feet from her, still looking stern, and points at her. "When an inspector tells you to stop, you are supposed to immediately stop for questioning and possible inspection."

Lisa was shocked again. He called me for an inspection? She just stood there dumbfounded. Her outfit was fully within | the codes and it was raining. Why would anyone call me for an inspection now? She tries to speak, but stammers instead. "I didn't, uh, hear you. Sorry."

"You damn well could hear me." He snorts. "You must be trying to hide something."

"No." She gasps. "I'm not. I just didn't hear you with all the rain and stuff."

"No excuse. I'm going to have to inspect you to make sure."

"But," Lisa whimpers, "I'm not breaking the codes and it's soaking wet out here."

"I said, No Excuses!" He grumbles. "Are you going to be difficult?"

"No!" Lisa is near crying, she is so upset. "It's just wet. Can we at least go inside or under cover or something?"

"Are you trying to avoid this?" A small smirk crosses his lips. "Or is this an attempt to bribe me?"

Lisa's eyes widen in shock. "NO! Not a bribe. Or avoiding. Just... never mind. Here." She hands him her bag and stands quiet.

He grabs the bag and starts to go through it quickly. Finishing up with the bag he drops it on a planter box and looks back at her with an expression of annoyance. "Assume the position."

"Position?" She sounds confused, trying to remember what she read about inspections online. "I've never been inspected before."

"Ignorance is no excuse." He grumbles with a slight smirk. "Stand upright with your hands at your sides."

She follows directions, getting totally soaked down in the rain, as he walks around slowly and looks her up and down, mumbling to himself.

Pulling out his notebook and flipping it open he says, "Name?"

She gives him the information he requests and he writes it all down, taking a few extra notes.

He puts his notebook away and looks at her. "Remove your sweater."

Lisa looks shocked. "What?"

"You heard me." He scowls. "Or are you refusing to cooperate?"

"No. I'm not." She starts to slowly lift the soaked sweater, exposing her perky bare breasts. Between the shame of baring them in public and the cold rain water soaking them, the nipples stand up hard. She holds it up to her neck and speaks in a shaky voice. "See, no bra. I'm following the rules."

"I said REMOVE it. Not just lift it. You are being intentionally difficult." He pulls his notebook back out and starts to write again, grumbling to himself.

She whimpers again and quickly pulls the sweater over her head, removing her hat at the same time, letting her extremely long red hair fall down her back. He puts his hand out and takes the sweater and hat, examining them closely as she is left standing there topless in the rain.

She notices a small crowd start to form around her, watching the inspection, but fights the urge to cover up. She knows the inspector will just get more upset if she does that, but can't help but feel herself redden with embarrassment. Rain splashing off her pert tits.

He shoves the hat and sweater into a plastic bag and sets them on the planter too. Looking back at Lisa he writes something else in the notebook before speaking again. "Okay, now the skirt."

Lisa looks around at the growing crowd, willing to stand in the rain to watch her, and bites her lip. "Can I just lift it and show you? I am really following the rules."

"Remove it." His eyes narrow. "You are really making this difficult."

"Yes, sir." She says meekly as she starts to unbutton her skirt. He watches and makes notes. She slides it down and steps out of it, exposing her perfect bare ass to the crowd and lovely natural red strip of her pubes to the inspector. Bending over to pick it up she can just feel all the eyes staring at her behind and she blushes deeper, while also growing wet with excitement. Standing back up she hands the skirt to him.

He takes it and examines the skirt, leaving her standing there stark naked in front of everyone. He makes some notes and places the skirt in the bag with the rest of her clothing.

As he steps around her, examining her every inch directly, Lisa is tempted to say something but knows it will just cause him to yell some more. Instead she just lets him look her over and make his notes. She has never felt so much like a piece of meat as she did at this moment, which caused her to both feel more excited and more embarrassed at the same time. If he wasn't so mean about it, she is sure she would have actually really enjoyed this.

After another quiet moment, where he simply stands there and makes some final notes, he rips off the note and hands it to her. "Here's your ticket. Make sure to arrange your hearing as soon as you can. Otherwise, you are free to go right now."

He grabs the plastic bag of her clothing and writes a number on it, sealing it and starting to walk off.

"Wait?" She gasps in desperation. "What about my clothes?"

He turns around, a mean smirk on his face. "It's evidence. You'll get it back at the hearing."

"Evidence of what? What am I supposed to do today?"

"Read your ticket." He turns away from her and starts to walk off. "I don't care what you do today. Next time you should be quicker to act when an inspector tells you to do something."

Lisa is left standing naked in the rain, just wearing knee socks and shoes. The crowd starts to mill around, some moving closer to her, and she realizes they now have legal access to touch her nearly everywhere, according to the groping rules. She quickly grabs her backpack and starts off towards the commissary to tell Kimmy what happened, since there is now no time to go back the dorms and change before she has to rush off to her next class. She may not even have time to get a quick something to eat.

Naked and soaking wet she walks into the commissary looking miserable. Everyone turns to look, a few fellow freshmen looking shocked, and Kimmy gasps, running over to her.

"Lisa," she says, "what happened?"

"I was inspected." She grumbles. "It was so unfair. I was following the rules and rushing in the rain. Apparently I didn't hear him at first and he took it out on me in front of everyone."

"Poor thing." Kimmy hugs Lisa and squeezes her tight. "But didn't he give your clothes back?"

"No." Lisa hugs Kimmy back, squeezing her firm behind through her short dress. "He claimed I was being difficult and confiscated everything. Then gave me this and said I have to set up a hearing to get it all back."

Kimmy reads the ticket and shakes her head, while sitting back down at her table. Lisa sits next to her, looking down at the tray of food before her.

"Can I have some of that Kimmy? I don't have time to get my own before class."

Kimmy says "Sure" but never looks up from the slip of paper in her hands. Lisa eats some of the beans and a piece of the cornbread.

"You're going to have to get online as soon as possible to set this up. They don't seem to give a lot of time to take of them, or else you automatically admit guilt." Kimmy says, looking up with a worried expression.

"No problem." Lisa says, finishing off her bite of bread. "I'll take care of it tonight, before we head out and party for the weekend. That should give me a good hearing time sometime next week, I would assume."

"Makes sense, but what are you going to do for today? Can you get something to wear before class?"

"No time. I need to get going soon, right from here, or I will be late, and I can't be late to this class. The professor is really strict. I'll just have to tough it out until classes are over. I'll change when I get back to the dorm this evening."

Although she wouldn't admit it, she actually enjoyed the way she felt being naked through her two classes this afternoon. The way people looked at her, but then quickly tried to look away as if they weren't. She realized how much power there was in what seemed like such a powerless position, but not one she would purposely put herself in again.

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