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Jessie's Lesson

Jessie was happy she made the cheer squad in her second year. She proudly wore her cheerleader uniform everywhere, which she noticed also helped her avoid inspections most of the time. She liked the way the little skirt would flip as she walked, teasing that she was going to expose more, but somehow never actually doing it. She loved the looks she got.

One day in November she was running a little late for Mrs. Peach's Sociology class and knew she would be in trouble. Mrs. Peach was the meanest professor she ever had. The woman never smiles and seems to enjoy giving extra work and punishment to even the most minor offenses. It didn't matter than she was only about three minutes late, that was enough for Mrs. Peach to call Jessie up to the front with a cruel gleam in her eye. Jessie tried to keep her distance, but Mrs. Peach grabbed her shirt and pulled her close. Jessie couldn't keep the look of fear out of her eyes.

"What's your excuse this time, Ms. McShane?" Mrs. Peach said without a smile.

Jessie could feel her shirt lifting slightly and managed to stammer out a single word. "Inspection." It was a lie, but usual worked when trying to give an excuse on this campus.

"That's no excuse. You should always make sure to give yourself extra time to get to class. Besides, you're a cheerleader, they should have been easy on you."

Jessie knew she was in trouble. There was no hint of sympathy in Mrs. Peach's voice. She simply lowered her gaze and tried to look repentant.

Mrs. Peach spun Jessie around and bent her over her knee, as she sat on her own desk. Jessie watches in horror as her professor flipped up her little skirt and exposed her beautiful round ass to the class. She then proceeded to spank it with her ruler, making every little smack sting Jessie to her very core.

"Let this be a lesson to you and for the rest of the class." She said as she continued to smack her student's white ass.

"Yes, Ma'am." Jessie managed to eek out between squeals.

"Shut up." Mrs. Peach snapped as she swatted a little harder. "You aren't supposed to talk, just listen and learn."

Jessie bit her lip and simply tried to keep the grunts of pain as soft as possible. She didn't want to admit that she was actually starting to like it. It still hurt, but the combination of the embarrassment of being exposed to her class like this and the thrill of each sting was getting her a little wet.

Mrs. Peach then slowed down her swats and started to talk to the class, giving them her lecture on the chapter they read last night. She used the swats against Jessie's ass as punctuation on every sentence she spoke. The resounding cracks seemed to keep the rest of the class enthralled as she spoke.

"As you read from page four of the chapter, there is something more going on according to Malcolm Wright." *SMACK*

"He put forth that any two groups of people, no matter how distant, will have certain commonalities form in their societies over time." *CRACK*

"He wanted to prove this by studying and comparing the aboriginal PukkaPukka tribe and the Norwegian huntsmen of the Oslowena Plains." *SMACK*

"He stated that certain normal human nature elements would show in both communities." *CRACK*

Jessie was trying to pay attention to the lesson, but the tingling stings on her ass and the ever-growing wetness between her thighs was making it increasingly difficult. She would simply settle for release at this point, but that didn't seem likely with how much Mrs. Peach seemed to be into this.

"A form of common laws would form. A series of rules that they would all agree upon." *SMACK*

On that Mrs. Peach laid her hand on Jessie's ass and addressed her directly. "You understand that Ms. McShane? Rules we all agree on."

Jessie simply nodded to her.

"Very good." Mrs. Peach said with a slightly softer tone. "Then I think for the rest of class you can get off my knee."

Jessie started to stand up, but Mrs. Peach simply slid out from under her and forced her onto the desk, still bending forward and exposing her bare ass to the class. They had a much better view in this position than they did before. Jessie didn't struggle and just let her do this to her at this point. She knew it would be worse if she tried.

"I think for the rest of this class you are going to stay like this in case I need to smack something to get my point across to everyone."

On that she went on with her class and only occasionally swatted Jessie the bamboo cane she picked up off her desk. The cane didn't sting as bad as the ruler, but it also didn't make as loud of sound. Jessie figured it was better this way for everyone, since the cracks didn't interrupt her words as much. Jessie also was glad it slowed down because she wasn't going to be able to hold off cumming much longer either if she had kept it up.

"Some common things he observed was that each culture had a system of laws, a drive for some kind of advancement, and sexual urges that caused them to sometimes break other rules each culture had set forth. It was like these base drives could override any other created wants and need they came up with.

When she winded down her lecture she gave the reading assignment for the next days lesson and sent the class on their way. Jessie cautiously stood up, rubbing her sore red behind, and stood there waiting to be excused herself.

"Have you learned your lesson about showing up to my class on time?"

"Yes, Ma'am." Jessie said in a weak voice. "It won't happen again."

"Good," Mrs. Peach said, closing the door behind the last student. "But you probably missed out on a lot of my lecture. Didn't you?"

Jessie lowered her head, looking ashamed. "It was kind of hard to concentrate."

"Not to worry." Mrs. Peach actually smiled. "Let me give you a little private lesson without the swats. Just wait here a moment and let me step into my office for a moment."

Jessie wasn't sure she wanted a private lesson, but she also was pretty sure she didn't want to walk out on Mrs. Peach and get herself into more trouble. She seems to be in a good mood and there is no point in spoiling that. She had the time and could deal with a little extra instruction on the class, as it had been troubling her somewhat the last few months.

That's when the office door opened again and Jessie turned to see Mrs. Peach walking out wearing absolutely nothing but her shoes. She couldn't believe how good she looked for her age. Even her tits were still pert and round.

"Mrs. Peach!" Jessie exclaimed in shock.

Unabashedly the blond teacher walked over to her red haired student and placed her hand on her arm. "Have a seat before you fall down and let us get down to some real exploration of the subject."

"But you're naked."

Mrs. Peach helped Jessie into a seated position on the desk and then slid her hands up to lift her top above her breasts, exposing the pale large orbs with pert pink nipples. "And you should be too if we are going to correctly cover things."

"What if someone comes in?"

They both look towards the door for a second, as if expecting someone to walk in at just that instant, before Mrs. Peach replies. "It's the last class of the day and this part of the building kind of clears out at this time. As long as we are gone by 9 PM then even the janitor won't know a thing about this."

Although that was only an hour away Jessie was relieved slightly by these words and allowed Mrs. Peach to remove her shirt the rest of the way. She even stuck her breasts out make them point up at Mrs. Peach. She had to admit she was still rather excited and was getting even more turned on by this turn of events. "Good. So we won't be interrupted."

"Not a chance." Mrs. Peach dropped her student's shirt to the floor.

"So what part of this lesson are we covering first?"

Mrs. Peach started to undo Jessie's skirt. "I think we need to cover the human's constant drive for sexual gratification first. One of the three base commonalities that Malcolm Wright claimed could be found in all human cultures."

"I think he was right." Jessie stood up on the desk so that Mrs. Peach could pull the skirt down the rest of the way and fully expose her lovely little strip of red hairs between her legs.

Mrs. Peach smiled and licked her lips. "I believe he was."

They never got beyond this first part of the theory and were interrupted by the janitor, but neither of them cared or even slowed down when he walked in. Despite this, Jessie managed to get a B on her next test anyway and continued to improve with more private lessons after class, but she was never late to class again.
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