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A Real Class Performance

Most punishments are due to some behavior brought to the student court's attention about some School Code that was broken. Rarely are punishments brought forth by an instructor during class handled this way, since they are usually handled on the spot without the involvement of the court or the school board. Sometimes, however, an instructor delays a punishment for some reason or another and we are able to get our reporters in there to cover them. This is one of those cases.

Cindy Cooper is a student in English Literature 101 during the afternoon sessions. This class runs daily from three to four-thirty and she has never missed a class. Her grades a good and she is never behind on her homework. Everything about her student record seems to be better than most freshmen students in the class. So what got her into hot water with the professor?

During the weekly exam last week she finished early, but had to wait for the time to finish to turn in it. She got bored and let her fingers wander under her small dress, where she found no panties (being a good followers of the | Dress Code too). She then started to play with herself, absentmindedly at first but getting more active and noisy as time went on. Soon the professor called her on it and she snapped back to her seat, highly embarrassed.

The professor wasn't going to further disrupt the other student's test time by punishing her on the spot, nor was the professor going to punish her quietly and let her miss out on the embarrassment factor of the rest of the class watching. So he told her she would be performing her punishment the following week as part of Friday's class. That left her to stew all week and the school to get people in place to witness the punishment for posting here.

The first part of her punishment was that she had to write the line 'I will not finger myself in class' on the board twenty-five times. She did this while the professor took role-call and introduced the structure for the day's class. The second part was going to make her strip out of her clothing and stand in front of her handiwork naked. The final part she wouldn't learn until she finished with the first two.

When Friday came around she did what she was instructed to do and stood in front of the class instead of taking her seat. She then started to write her lines until she filled one board and half of another with her repeated line. She then waited for her instruction to move onto the next part of her punishment. Before too long, the professor signaled for her continue.

She wasted no time and slips out of her clothing, but she seemed to feel a little insecure about the fact that she was not only naked in front of her whole class, but that her breasts aren't as big as she would like them to be. At first she tried to cover them, to see if that helped, but her insecurity got the better of her, so she turned her back to hide them more. This, of course, allowed the class an unobstructed view of her lovely behind.

She tried to make it look like she was studying her handiwork on the board, but the professor saw this and told her to turn back around and face the class. She wasn't going to be able to hide from them. She turned back to face them, but pulled her arms up to press against her chest, giving her the most coverage she possible could get. She obviously was far more concerned about her breasts than she was her pussy, as she left it completely exposed and on view to the whole class. Although, given the look of it, she didn't have much to hide since she was completely bald down there and the slit was as closed as it could get.

She tried to smile as if she wasn't embarrassed. We could tell she was.

While standing there, nearly on full view, the professor finished talking about the class plans before turning to tell her what part three was going to be. She tried to smile sweetly again, but her embarrassment still shows.

"Now it's time for part three of your punishment." The professor said, looking at her. "Since you felt the need to disrupt my test last Friday by playing with yourself, I figured you'd have no problem doing that in front of my class today."

"What?" Cindy gasped. "You can't be serious. You just made me write I wouldn't do that in your class like twenty-five times. You can't make me do it now."

"Oh, but I can. Or you can spend every start of class performing punishments for disobeying me until you do finally finish this one. Each one will start the same way, write your lines, strip down, and then do what I tell you to do. You want to do that or are you going to finish this one and be done with it?"

She slide one hand down off her breast, clearly showing it to the class finally, and started to finger herself slowly. Within a couple minutes she seemed to be getting into it and fingered herself faster and more boldly. By the time she came she was not covering her breast, but playing with it for extra stimulus.

The professor snapped her out of her momentary bliss by telling her she was done and to take her seat. That's when the embarrassment snapped back to her as she realized what she had just done in front of everyone. She slunk back to her seat and everyone watched as she went, forgetting her clothing at the front of the room.

She then proceeded to ace the test, even after being so rattled, just as she did on the one the previous week that lead to her punishment. She is truly a great student, who just has trouble with one little control issue. Nobody is perfect.

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