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Student Spotlight Archive

Erin Madison – Sorority Girl

Most of our student spotlights focus on their achievements in their area of study (like Nursing or Military Training), and we even have special categories for those who excel in Sports or the Arts, but this time we chose our candidate for another reason. Erin Madison does rather well in her Business classes, but that's also not the reason. Erin Madison is one of the leaders of her Sorority, the Sigma Tau Nu, and will most likely become their leader in her Senior Year.

The Sigma Tau Nu Sorority, recently adopting the nickname of Bottomless House, is one of the larger houses on campus, with just over 30 members as of last accounting. They are well placed among the Greek Council, sometimes even holding a chair of leadership, and Erin is one of their three representatives. For nearly two years now she has held this position and gained the respect of nearly everyone on the council as well as within her own house.

Even with her high placement on the Greek Council, Erin has remained "real" according her Sorority Sisters, who all say she is a fun and "down to earth" friend. None of those we interviewed had anything negative to say about her and most of them were very complimentary.

When she was younger she always showed leadership potential, even becoming the Senior Class President of her high school. Her popularity always shown through, even when her grades didn't reach the same heights. That's not to say she didn't get good grades, they just weren't top of her class enough to get valedictorian. None of that dampened her spirit or hurt her popularity in any way.

After graduating she was accepted to Central U on a partial business scholarship and quickly acclimated herself to things here. She knew she didn't want to live in the dorms and always dreamed of being a Sorority Sister, so she pledged with the Sigma Tau Nus. She considered other houses, but said the Nus were the best choice for her. According to the senior members we interviewed, they knew immediately they were going to accept her into the fold, but they still had to go through the hazing process to keep it honest. They didn't go easy on her at all, but she weathered the whole process with a smile and made friends with all the other pledges in the process. When the process ended, she was the first one they informed of making it.

After establishing herself within the Sorority, Erin was one of the main members pushing them to test the limits of the school's Dress Code that lead to their current bottomless status. She seemed to be dead set on their house doing something to establish themselves as an important and unique among the houses. She wanted them to stand out on sight and be known for doing something good. She thought the test of the | Dress Code was just the thing, since nobody had truly done it before.

Their testing, which they still have not publicly released the results of, showed the chances of being stopped by school officials based on what they were wearing. It also showed them how often they were likely to get in trouble for all kinds of | Dress Code infractions as well. In the end they said their research showed that going bottomless was the best option for girls, allowing them to get in the least trouble and to be stopped the least often. Erin was then key in convincing the whole house that this was the way they should officially go as an official part of their house rules.

Everyone knows Erin on Greek Row and everyone respects her for numerous reasons. She may be going through school on a business track, and doing quite well at it, but her real strength seems to be in the leadership she shows and the friendships she fosters. That's why she is our Student Spotlight choice.

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