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Entertainment in New Town

When you want to go out to a show or party down at a new club, these are the place you need to know about.

The AFK Club (618 Oak Ave.)
This small club is made to look like an old fashion fantasy inn, with wooden tables, tapestries on the walls, and fake oil lamp lighting. What makes it special is that it caters to gamers of all kinds. They have a huge collection of card and board games for customers to choose from and encourage everyone to play as they sit and talk. Live music, usually folk or comedy, can be found here every weekend.

Central Double Bar of Aphrodite Club
Aphrodite Club (604 Central Ave.)
This industrial looking building houses a highly active and energetic dance club with a mix of Greek and sensual femininity as its theme. The club houses two dance floors, a large VIP room, five bars, and a cool-down trance room. No matter where you go inside there is always something to see and do. They open every evening around 8 and keep the place jumping until after 3 AM.

Déshabillée Sur Scène (1702 Broadway)
This large theater of the arts, with a huge main stage and seating for over 2,000 guests, hosts numerous national and international performances. Musical artists, large comedians, and numerous musicals, operas, and stage plays perform here on a regular basis. If there's a large Broadway show that you want to see when it comes to town, this is most likely the place you will see it.

TruthGirl Was Here
Double Down Cinemas (1402 Birch Nut Ave.)
Although not the largest theater in town (as that honor belongs to the chains), this privately owned theater has a special gimmick that does well for it. They only show double features of a vast diversity. You won't see two comedies or dramas shown together. They pride themselves on making interesting combinations that have some connection, but are highly varied at the same time. So if you want to spend a few hours and see a variety of styles for your single ticket price, this is the place for you.

TruthGirl Was Here
Foamie's Paradox (1201 Heather Way)
This large industrial building was transformed into a bubble and foam "beach party" themes dance club. The central dance floor is lowered (as are many of the side rooms) to allow them to fill up with a special "party foam" bubble mix during peak dance hours. Don't head down to Foamie's if you don't want to get wet, as the bubbles guarantee dampness at the least, but the atmosphere more than makes it worth it.

Mile High Club (1804 Beech Street)
This private club has an entire airline theme to it, even the outside looks like a loading concourse with an airplane fuselage you enter through. The interior is a serious of airplane and airport themed halls and rooms catering to all sorts of entertainment needs for their members, from dance clubs to massage rooms. Membership is tightly controlled and only the very wealthy or connected seem to get in.

New Town Center for the Arts (1102 Pine Ridge Ave.)
This large building houses a number of smaller galleries and one large performing theater. Several large shows are put on a year, about one per season, and the galleries always showcase both local artists and traveling shows. It's always worth a visit to stop in at the center and see what they have going on. They also work with the university to get some of the higher end students exposure in the greater arts world.

Rock Bottom's (1405 Heather Way.)
Although it looks like a warehouse from the outside, this club features an industrial look and feel, with high exposed metal beam ceilings and large cement columns dividing up the rooms. The main central part of the club is the dance floor, with a large balcony around the edge of it, but the club also houses two main bars, a smaller relaxation room with it's own smaller bar, and a private VIP room for special events.
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