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2 Dress Ideology Code
These Dress Ideology Code (DIC) rules are to be followed by all Students and Staff members at all times while on campus. This includes arriving on campus by car or bus from somewhere outside the campus grounds, so be sure to make sure your dress is in accordance with the code before arriving. There will be no leeway to give you time to change after you arrive. Those living on campus should always be in accordance with the code, although they are allowed to change into something else once they leave campus. The college has no say over dress outside the campus, unless a punishment is in progress that requires the wearing or alteration of their dress in some way; in which cases they must remain in accordance with the punishment at all times, even off campus (to prevent the skirting of punishments by leaving campus until they pass).

The city council of New Town has passed several laws and ordinances to allow the dress code and rules of the Central University of New Town to be allowed outside the campus. These required them to relax some ordinances and change some laws, but all so they could better support the school and get its support in return. Due to this there is no chance of being in violation of any city law as long as all school rules are being followed as well. The city still allows other styles of dress that are not allowed on campus, so this is not a restriction on the people of the city, just some laws to allow those following the campus code to leave campus without risking city violations.

Visitors to the campus are allowed more leeway, especially when arriving, but must clearly wear their visitor badges at all times while traveling through the campus or be subject to the code. As posted at all entrances to the campus, visitors must immediately check in with one of the campus offices to acquire a Visitor Badge as soon as they arrive or be subject all rules of the DIC and other campus policies. Regular visitors (those coming to campus more often than four days in any given semester) will be required to follow the DIC, but should still wear their Regular Visitor Badge to separate themselves from some of the other rules and restrictions of the campus.

Although it may seem unfair, there are different standards of dress for male and female students and staff. This is due to the fact that there are distinct differences between both the attitudes and physical bodies of the two sexes. The DIC is designed to create a standard of modest and respectable appearance for all, without requiring a set uniform or strictly limiting personal choice options. This should allow students and staff to create their own style and show individuality while remaining within the rule of the DIC.

The dress code is expected to be followed at all times on campus, although certain areas (such as dorm rooms, Greek houses, locker rooms, restrooms, etc.) allow some relaxing of the rules to allow for necessary activities and comfort. There are also other exceptions to the rules during certain events, activities, inspections, and involvement in certain organizations, but these are limited and clearly stated in the rules and codes of those items and in accordance with the rules of the school.

Each person is different and sizes vary, so none of the descriptors are expected to perfectly match all people and should be adjusted where needed. To aid in this most descriptions are based on body location and not numerical units of measure. All body location descriptors are based on the body of the person wearing the clothing in question and not any other person. Rulers and other measuring devices may be used during inspection but must be used to compare distances not to use arbitrary numerical units of measure.

2.1 Unisex Information
2.1.1 Overview Sheerness Rules Tattoos & Body Paint Piercings Carrying Extra Clothing
2.1.2 Clothing Types and Definitions Coats & Jackets Accessories Other
2.1.3 Dress Code Exceptions First Day and Before Start of Semester Previous Violation Day of Hearing Performing Punishment Locker Room/Restroom Personal Dorm Room or Greek House Classroom Other Specialized Location

2.2 Female
2.2.1 Overview Body Coverage Layering Restrictions Make-up
2.2.2 Clothing Types and Definitions Tops Bottoms Dresses Panties & Shorts Shoes & Boots Socks & Stockings

2.3 Male
2.3.1 Overview Body Coverage Layering Restrictions Make-up
2.3.2 Clothing Types and Rules Tops Bottoms Overalls Skirts & Dresses Shoes & Boots Socks & Stockings

2.4 Code Violation Policies
2.4.1 Violations Minor Violation Observed Violation Suspected Violation Resisting Inspection Unlawful Inspection Violations
2.4.2 Inspections Authorized Inspectors Inspection Process Inspection Outcomes Certificate of Inspection & Citation Exceptions Physical Inspections
2.4.3 Hearings Scheduling Attire Representation and Witnesses Evidence Arguments and Deliberation Verdict and Polling the Jury
2.4.4 Punishment Confiscation Restrictions Scheduling and Timeframes Failure to Fulfill
2.4.5 Unlawful Inspection Violation Procedure Violation Types Filing a Violation Claim Reenactment Hearing Punishment

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